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I see the Republicans are at it again... now Obama's father was a communist?


Posted 8:05 pm, 09/23/2012

Yea, I think he said he was an idiot.


Posted 2:08 am, 09/23/2012

I suppose psyops... some things can't be covered in a sentence or two.


Posted 1:55 am, 09/23/2012

Dang hill bill you write a lot of stuff


Posted 1:52 am, 09/23/2012

I care not rather Barrack Obama Sr was a communist or not. All that I care about is that his son, the 44th President of the United States is or not. Barrack II certainly is no capitalist. Most communist revolutionaries openly attacked and condemned the rich. Barrack Obama II certainly has a history of that, you don't need to dig to far back into his history either just look at one of his campaign adds. Barrack II certainly has no problem with taxing the wealth out of the hands of those who earned the wealth and redistributing it to those who didn't. Barrack II doesn't seem to mind creating and expanding governmental bureaucracy that sticks it's nose in private business. That actually sounds closer to Fascism than Communism but neither is really an improvement over the other. Hussein Obama bails out auto companies at the tax payer's expense against the wishes of the majority, that actually sounds a lot like Corporatism. Or you could look at it for what the "auto bail outs" really were: UAW labor union bail outs and organized labor is without question a form of Marxism. Government health controlled health care is without question socialism. Again, it it irrelevant rather or not an insignificant guy who died 30 years ago was a communist or not. Barrack Hussein Obama II may not be a communist but without question he is a hodge podge of Marxism.

Any American with a shred of Patriotism should have very little use for a former Constitutional law professor who would dare claim or even hint at the idea that International Law would trump Constitutional Law as Barrack Hussein Obama has. Anyone who has taken an Oath to the United States Constitution as Barrack Obama has and would even (justification for bombing Lybia without Congressional approval) hint that any other law would trump the US Constitution should be deemed a traitor to the Constitution and the United States of America. ****ed I find it ironic that the so called "anti war left" didn't jump all over that. It just goes to show they aren't "anti war" when their guy is the one who is waging it. Worse yet, not only is Barrack Hussein Obama II a hodge podge of Marxism but he is a rather unAmerican anti Constitutional one at that.


Posted 12:43 am, 09/23/2012

Revisionist are everywhere.


Posted 12:37 am, 09/23/2012

So now the liberals think they can even change history to get people people that even Obama's father wasn't a communist?


Posted 1:06 pm, 09/22/2012

Why do you think elderly people were booing Paul Ryan yesterday, t n t?

this n that

Posted 1:02 pm, 09/22/2012

Well, it's certain that you are not smart enough to come up with a solution. You're only about leaving it alone as is and to h e l l with what happens.

Frankly, I don't think you care a whit about old people and Medicare. And if this plan was a plan FROM obama, you would on here saying the exact opposite of what your opinion is now, simply because it comes from a republican.

So yes, vouchers is an answer that will at least save it for the future, and changes nothing for those on it now. And in fact, if one wishes, they can simply stay on it then, and not go the voucher route.

So until you actually have something more than partisan criticizing, perhaps you could do something more worth while, like practicing not being a complete hypocrite. Just a thought.


Posted 12:49 pm, 09/22/2012

T n t, you think the best solution is going to Vouchercare for the elderly?


Posted 12:47 pm, 09/22/2012

Pretend that Romney is elected ,then what ???? No democracy that's for sure . what else have we got to look forward to ??

this n that

Posted 12:42 pm, 09/22/2012

Another twisted lie gil.

SS is paid into by people who draw from it, and forced by Gov. to pay, by the way.

And you do have a small point about Medicare, but it also supposed to be for the elderly who may need some extra help, who have reached the age of retirement.

And leaving it up to the dems,,,, neither one will be there much longer. Then what?


Posted 12:29 pm, 09/22/2012

Shorter t nt : Social Security and Medicare = enslavement

this n that

Posted 12:24 pm, 09/22/2012

That “government caring for those in need” bit? That’s a less technical way of saying “redistribution.”

Only if you're a liar and a liberal.

Caring for those in need, means a temporary helping hand while you do your part to get back on your feet. Like, going to school to learn how to actually do something besides living your entire life waiting for the next gov. check to arrive in the mail, and passing that entitlement mentality on to that next generation of babies you keep having so you gov. check will get bigger.

You are as usual twisting things to make them seem to fit with your lies.

But the bigger question is, why do democrats want millions of people dependent on those Gov. checks from cradle to grave, and for each succeeding generation?.

That's enslavement without visible chains, but chained just the same. It is the democrats that make victims of people. And just as it was in the days of the civil rights battles, it was the democrats that didn't want blacks to have them, and it was the republicans that fought for their rights, and it was Lyndon Johnson who went against his own party, to make it so.

Democrats have just found another way to enslave people.


Posted 12:01 pm, 09/22/2012

Empowers, SMK, and others live in a pretend world .


Posted 12:00 pm, 09/22/2012

Mitt Romney, like pretty much every other American politicians, believes in redistribution. Specifically, the “issues” section of his Web site says he believes in a progressive tax code, the Medicare program, the Medicaid program, the food stamp program, the Social Security program and pretty much every other feature of the federal government that’s involved in redistributing income.

And as my college Greg Sargent points out, just yesterday, Romney said, “I believe America was built on the principle of government caring for those in need, but getting out of the way and allowing free people to pursue their dreams.”

That “government caring for those in need” bit? That’s a less technical way of saying “redistribution.”

Romney might believe in slightly less redistribution than President Obama does, but the idea that he doesn’t believe in redistribution is belied by every single thing he has ever said he will do as president, and for that matter, by everything he ever did as governor of Massachusetts.

I asked the Romney campaign what Romney means when he says he doesn’t believe in redistribution. If they get back to me, I’ll update this post with their answer.



Posted 11:25 am, 09/22/2012

I remember Bush trying to outlaw partial birth abortion. I remember Obama voting to leave babies to die who were victims of abortion and still alive. He voted for this twice while he was a senator in Chicago. Just that knowledge alone was enough for me. Shows where his heart really is. Simple really. Better than what we had in the past...I think not.


Posted 11:13 am, 09/22/2012

Funny, Obama himself said "I believe in redistribution." In case you don't know, that is code for I believe in communism.


Posted 10:42 am, 09/22/2012

Funny how after 4 years the libtards still don't know Obama's back ground, why do disbelieve they can for see what he plans to do?

Kool aid has replaced their minds.


Posted 10:27 am, 09/22/2012

The party is so enthralled with the cranks and crazies that all their candidates this year were jokes.


Posted 10:25 am, 09/22/2012

There's some major craziness in the republican party, their candidate is so flawed they've lost their collective minds.

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