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Hurricane Sandy and Snow Chance Discussion


Posted 9:15 pm, 10/30/2012

and now back to the 50s......60s and 70s......coming soon!


Posted 7:57 pm, 10/30/2012

ewhs.. i have missed your updates today.


Posted 12:32 am, 10/30/2012

Thanks for the updates and all the info, on the thread "what went boom" one person posted that there were trees down in hays.


Posted 12:24 am, 10/30/2012

Winds only getting stronger.

Any down trees tonight on the roads?

Blueberry J

Posted 10:40 pm, 10/29/2012

Thanks! I really hope we don't lose power. We're not far from Mulberry.


Posted 10:38 pm, 10/29/2012

Here is the outage map...from just one of the power service providers.

Looks like Mulberry.


Posted 10:37 pm, 10/29/2012

5 inches already in north western Ashe County. Just got to see pics, it's beautiful.

Blueberry J

Posted 10:35 pm, 10/29/2012

Which part of Wilkes? Or, is it spotted all over?


Posted 10:30 pm, 10/29/2012

At least 417 without power in Wilkes...who use Duke Energy.

Still chance for snow showers going into Tuesday morning. Of course, nothing major expected down here.


Posted 10:25 pm, 10/29/2012

OK....we are gonna some wind......maybe a flake or two of wind snow......nothing more.....it just an't going to amount to anything here folks......

Elmo Cleghorn

Posted 9:32 pm, 10/29/2012

hunker down and stay safe out there.

for myself, i think it's time to sign off for the night. the lights are fading in and out, like a rolling brown out. internet is getting kind of hinky.


Posted 8:36 pm, 10/29/2012

i am philadelphia right now.and she has just made landfall right now sustained winds 45. by 2 a.m.winds of up to 80,it is raisin **** outside right now.we keep seeing transformers blowing and flashlng light.but luckily we still have power. i would rather b making snowmen tomorrow in ashe!snow before holloween......crazy!


Posted 8:14 pm, 10/29/2012

We are driving up that way tomorrow Love the snow!!!

Elmo Cleghorn

Posted 8:12 pm, 10/29/2012

holy chimoley the wind just gusted hard here in the antioch area. it rattled my front door.


Posted 8:11 pm, 10/29/2012

EWHS, another update please?


Posted 8:05 pm, 10/29/2012

I'm off to fire up the snow blower and clear the driveway.


Posted 6:34 pm, 10/29/2012

Sugar Mtn Ski Resort will open their slopes Wed. Oct.31st earliest in 43 years.

Elmo Cleghorn

Posted 6:18 pm, 10/29/2012

wind is most definitely picking up now


Posted 6:14 pm, 10/29/2012

40 degrees 30 dewpoint


Posted 6:05 pm, 10/29/2012


Check out the snow and wind up at Beech Mountain. I have experienced wind exceeding 140 mph and wind chill of 40 below at that location.

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