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Greenway Trail


Posted 12:48 am, 03/15/2019

If you’re walking on the right like you’re supposed to and not in the middle making it impossible for a bike to pass without warning then there is no need for such a warning.


Posted 5:05 pm, 03/14/2019

GoWilkes, was he driving backwards?


Posted 3:01 pm, 03/14/2019

Melissa and I were walking on the Greenway recently, and this young boy (in the 9 or 10 range) came up behind us on a bicycle. He yelled out "on your left... I mean, right!"

He was wearing a helmet with a mohawk, too, Mad Max biker style.

That kid kinda made my day


Posted 1:50 pm, 03/14/2019

mtnlife77 I think people in general, these days, are rude. I may have a jaded perspective, but that is just me.

I had two scary situations with large dogs off leash with their owners on the greenway. Both were pretty aggressive, one almost caused me to fall by running between my legs from behind me. It was about a 90lb dog and the owner's response was, "Oh he just does that." If it had been a frail person, they would have been hurt badly. There is one particular woman I would meet walking on the greenway and she would never move to the right when I was walking on the right going in the opposite direction. It was like playing a game of chicken, but we were both just walking, she was just rude. The signs do say keep right. A woman yelled at me once when I was on my bike. I was going in the opposite direction and she saw me coming. She just screamed as I went by "why do you have to go so fast?" I guess I appeared to be having too much fun and she didn't like it. I was in full control of my bike and in no way threatening to her. I have found that changing up sections of the greenway keeps me from seeing some of the same rude people. Although,there's nothing quite like meeting new rude people. Overall, most people I've met on the greenway are cordial and follow the rules, but the rude ones do stand out more.


Posted 1:02 pm, 03/14/2019

I've seen riders warn walkers they're coming and slow way down to go by. So that means that all riders are polite and great on the greenway?


Posted 12:54 pm, 03/14/2019

That's the worst yet Hot Mess !! Beware fool with pecker out, somebody's gonna whack it with a big stick.

Hot Mess

Posted 12:43 pm, 03/14/2019

I had a guy ride towards me one day in shorts with his pecker out.

Yes they are very rude!


Posted 12:33 pm, 03/14/2019

Bikers should ring a bell or call out "passing on your left" (or right depending). More than once I have almost been hit by a biker when I slowed walking and or stepped toward the side to admire a flower, etc. Yes many of them are ignorant to bikers' safety rules and etiquette. The pedestrian has the right of way.


Posted 12:05 pm, 03/14/2019

Goodness! I leave my phone in the truck! Who's going to call 911?


Posted 12:03 pm, 03/14/2019

Put a stick through their spokes and watch them fly


Posted 12:02 pm, 03/14/2019

@LS77 I guess it does work both ways, but I just have seen more of the latter. The bike riders just seem very rude in my cases.

sparkling water

Posted 11:54 am, 03/14/2019

Yellow flashing lights and sirens might help.


Posted 11:39 am, 03/14/2019

I always ring my bells and announce what side I'm passing on. Unfortunately, that still startles some walkers. I have also had to navigate around walkers who are oblivious to any of my warnings and those that walk in packs blocking the whole path are some of the worst. Walkers with their dogs that let the dogs leash block the hole trail are annoying as heck and usually act super inconvenienced that they should be expected to reel in their dog to let others pass There are rude walkers and bikers on the greenway, I try to give what I get.


Posted 11:12 am, 03/14/2019

I have yet to be notified when any bikers pass by. I am always on the right side and my dogs are on leashes and are walking on the same side yet they will come right behind me and then cut over. Very rude. Next one just might get a good ole elbow.

sparkling water

Posted 11:01 am, 03/14/2019

Don’t mess with the bikers. They may be part if a biker gang.


Posted 10:53 am, 03/14/2019

most do


Posted 10:43 am, 03/14/2019

I don't know it is just me, but are the bikers rude as heck on the trail? They do not give any heeding letting you

know that they are approaching, but just "zoom" by, like complete jerks?!!!! Anyone else agree that they should be made to give heed to give some warning or have some etiquette to do so??

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