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Get them out NOW


Posted 8:24 am, 10/23/2021

conservatives are scared to death of someone with an education, their parties survival relies on the uneducated to vote for them!


Posted 8:09 am, 10/23/2021


Did you go to public school? Did they indoctrinate you to be a racist?

What are you afraid of?


Posted 3:54 pm, 10/22/2021

Just tell us if you went to public school, Foxy.


Posted 3:49 pm, 10/22/2021

There she goes again. What a dunce.


Posted 3:24 pm, 10/22/2021

That's not at all what Manchin was worried about. Pay attention, you dry old racist bat.


Posted 2:43 pm, 10/22/2021

Maybe if he had just left the illegal immigrants off the Community College part it would have passed.


Posted 2:43 pm, 10/22/2021

By highway educated people, do you mean people that know there isnt a waiting period in NC to buy a firearm?


Posted 2:15 pm, 10/22/2021


Posted 1:50 pm, 10/22/2021

Did you notice one of the items Sleepy Joe has been forced to remove from his proposed bill is free CC tuition. I realize he had to remove some items in order to try to get to a compromise, and I think he knows how the Republicans love to oppose anything that might make higher education affordable to the working and lower middle classes.

So what do the gopers fear: KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!


Posted 12:59 pm, 10/22/2021

You know, foxy is kind of right. It is the public school systems that is teaching children about her craziness. The only way for her kind to survive is to control the minds of our youth. Given actually facts, they will never think kike Foxy.


Posted 12:51 pm, 10/22/2021

Come on, Foxy. Fess up. It's your only hope.


Posted 12:26 pm, 10/22/2021

Guess who never went to public school, was thrown out of a military academy and droppedout of college. Maybe that's why he sneered at and called our fallen WWII heroes "suckers and losers." Most of the Greatest Genration were products of the public school system.


Posted 12:12 pm, 10/22/2021

She's just plain arse lying ace.


Posted 11:56 am, 10/22/2021

You mush have some really dumb kids as examples of school children of today.


Posted 11:54 am, 10/22/2021

Surely most parents can teach their children to write their name, count back change for a dollar and that is more than they learn now in 12 years of government school


Posted 11:37 am, 10/22/2021

If Foxy went to public school, it's the best argument against public school.

Come on, Foxy. Help your cause.


Posted 11:33 am, 10/22/2021

Yeah Fuxxy let's get the kids will be taught: That Washington chopped down the cherry tree and fessed up. Slaves were treated kindly. There was no trail of tears or Jim Crow.


Posted 11:12 am, 10/22/2021

Foxy got to the third grade, passed his daddy, and quit.


Posted 9:13 am, 10/22/2021

Did you go to public school, Foxy?


Posted 5:02 am, 10/22/2021

If you love your children and you love this country, you better get your kids out of the leftist government run indoctrination clinics called "Public School"


If there was any doubt that politics, not science, is driving the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's coronavirus guidance, newly released emails between the CDC and a powerful teachers union should settle the question once and for all.

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