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Get their arses outta here!


Posted 6:06 pm, 10/21/2021

Technically, the police don't need to have a reason to start an investigation of someone.


Posted 6:02 pm, 10/21/2021

What question? Oh you meanthe one I answered. Go join your Rumplicker buddies.


Posted 5:53 pm, 10/21/2021

We know for a fact that the Capitol was attacked by Trump supporters on January 6, 2021, incited by Donald J. Trump, President. Why not investigate. If you love this country and your freedom, you would DEMAND an investigation. Our democracy is on the line. In Trump's own words, Lock 'Em Up!!


Posted 5:50 pm, 10/21/2021

"i heard he said some mean things...investigate him!!"

I bet you were just the biggest crybaby sissy and got your butt kicked a lot


Posted 5:48 pm, 10/21/2021

so. you can't answer the question, censeless


Posted 5:46 pm, 10/21/2021

Chen tries to throw things off kilter he knows full well that the allegations can be investigated if the authorities wish to.

By the way Rumplickers how're you doing with the rope burns?


Posted 5:42 pm, 10/21/2021

since you want to speak for him, on what basis would an investigation be launched?

was there a law broken?


Posted 5:36 pm, 10/21/2021

The police don't have to be able to get a warrant to start an investigation.


Posted 5:34 pm, 10/21/2021

The first thing you hear and gets your attention is hear say. That is not enough to get a warrant but it is enough to start an investigation.


Posted 5:31 pm, 10/21/2021

I only had 4 or 5 classes in law. Not enough to really know much.


Posted 5:29 pm, 10/21/2021

but it should be legal. I want to know what a DOJ investigation would be founded on


Posted 5:27 pm, 10/21/2021

The first thing my law professor told our class was don't expect the law to be logical.


Posted 5:10 pm, 10/21/2021

the zeitgeist has become so one note and unimaginative. I usually refrain from uninspired political debates started by stupid people , but I am always anxious to hear people's take on a legal topic


Posted 4:59 pm, 10/21/2021

politics are getting way too dirty. So is the internet.


Posted 4:56 pm, 10/21/2021

here it is again...without any political agenda...

I would ask the same questions to anyone on either side that was stupid enough to post what you did;

and just how does one investigate "hearsay"?

Even if he said it in a room full of witnesses and on a 'hot" mic, why would this justify an investigation, and to what end?

Has a law been broken?


Posted 4:54 pm, 10/21/2021



Posted 4:53 pm, 10/21/2021

My questions were without political prejudice...you took your own stupid thread off track


Posted 4:31 pm, 10/21/2021

"here say" and drug attic? One things for sure your spelling is not Always Right.


Posted 4:28 pm, 10/21/2021

Wait a second. I mean there is a lot to unpack here but this is legendary stuff here:

"....throw of military because he was a drug attic......"

LOL....a drug attic? What exactly is a drug attic? Seems like a bad place to hide the drugs.


Posted 4:26 pm, 10/21/2021

The Russian investigation was not fake. 30 some people have been charged with crimes and 6 or 8 of them have gone to jail.

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