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Fill in the blank:

Jr samples br549

Posted 8:14 pm, 08/08/2012

I think in the next Olympics they should have some events for some midgets, couldnt you just see them running the hurdles they would be running under them instead of over them


Posted 8:03 pm, 08/08/2012

If ____ was an Olympic sport, I would win gold!

masturbating, HAYYYYLE YEAH!!!!

Elmo Cleghorn

Posted 7:08 pm, 08/08/2012

Daddy P, the secret to awesome caulking is the cut on the tube. a deep angle making it look like a pencil on one side.

Daddy P

Posted 6:55 pm, 08/08/2012

LOL! Satan. They could probably caulk in their sleep so a few drinks ain't gonna mess em up! I just ain't got the knack. I make a mess every time.


Posted 8:26 am, 08/08/2012

Cursing! I would win the fing gold.


Posted 8:19 am, 08/08/2012

come on now caulking is simple...
it has to be alcoholic painters can do it all day long and
not get but just a little on their self and not make a mess doing it.

Daddy P

Posted 11:03 pm, 08/07/2012

I hate caulking! It's messy and gets everywhere. I love doing home improvement jobs, but not that part. Do you have any tricks of the trade for not making a mess?

BTW caulk is a tricky word. If you are not careful when saying and ask "where is your caulk" at Lowes...you may get a funny look.

Elmo Cleghorn

Posted 11:04 am, 08/07/2012


yeah i know it's lame, but it's all i got

i have been doing home renovations, i found i am pretty dang good at caulking


Posted 10:54 am, 08/07/2012

eating at the Y


Posted 9:58 am, 08/07/2012

Posted 5:50 am, 08/07/2012

If "spelling" and "punctuation" were Olympic sports I couldn't win Gold at the Special Olympics.

I'd say you could at least walk away with a bronze.


Posted 9:56 am, 08/07/2012

If _sex ___ was an Olympic sport, I would win gold


Posted 5:59 am, 08/07/2012



Posted 5:50 am, 08/07/2012

If "spelling" and "punctuation" were Olympic sports I couldn't win Gold at the Special Olympics.

win 308

Posted 1:02 am, 08/07/2012

LAUGHING at liberal ideolgy


Posted 12:51 am, 08/07/2012

Hacking computers.


Posted 12:44 am, 08/07/2012



Posted 3:26 pm, 08/05/2012



Posted 3:22 pm, 08/05/2012

thwarting on the log books


Posted 3:08 pm, 08/05/2012

I am with Crabcake.

I would get the silver Metal in that ..


Posted 2:53 pm, 08/05/2012

If smokeing was in the games i would win hand down

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