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Posted 7:42 pm, 05/16/2019

Yeah, country gal, I meant the park

Thanks for all of the replies! We were really planning to go later this year, maybe November, while we have the money. But now I'm thinking we might should wait 2 or 3 years...


Posted 7:44 am, 05/16/2019

Disney will amaze a child of any age...I never did Disney with my kids, for personal reasons, but I remember DisneyLand in California as we went once when I was little. I think I was like 9 or 10. Early 60’s. I do know that kids memories do not go too further than 5 years old...with exceptions, of course, but do that memorable family stuff when they are older and think about yourself when they are that age. Will you have good fun and memory?


Posted 7:13 am, 05/16/2019

We took a big family trip to Disney a couple of years ago and from what I saw kids 8 years and up did really good but the younger ones got tired pretty quick. They rented strollers and used for the little ones and strollers were parked everywhere as you expect at a theme park for kids.

Mad Scientist

Posted 10:06 pm, 05/15/2019

It depends on the child. Some children are mature and well behaved for their age, so a trip to Disney would be okay. Then there are other children who are immature and "little monsters", who should never set foot inside a Disney park ever!

sparkling water

Posted 5:19 pm, 05/15/2019

Go in August.

Make sure you have the worst sunburn in memory.

Make sure your children know how much fun it is to ride on your shoulders as you wait hour upon hour in the blazing sun to grt on each five minute ride.

You won’t mind at all paying any amount for those sodas and water.


Posted 3:32 pm, 05/15/2019

You mean the park right and not Disney movies? I was going to wait until mine was 10 to take her.


Posted 3:19 pm, 05/15/2019

OP, you're only 3, I don't think you're ready for Disney. What until you're atleast 6.

I started Disney at 3, ruined my life.

sparkling water

Posted 3:06 pm, 05/15/2019

Well, you are already on GW, so, Disney shouldn’t be too damaging to you.


Posted 3:06 pm, 05/15/2019

it is a wonderful experience when the child is a little older. spend the next couple of years reading the books to him, watching the movies and playing with the toys...it will make it so much more impactful later when he does go


Posted 3:05 pm, 05/15/2019

(1) How much money do you have?

(2) Do you have awesome patience?

(3) Do you drink?

I went with my niece and nephews when one was 3, I'm just glad they were someone else's child.


Posted 3:04 pm, 05/15/2019

Is 3 years old too young to enjoy Disney? Or should I wait a few years?

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