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Democrats could have bought 24,000,000 poor people houses with


Posted 12:18 am, 02/04/2023

I'm not talking about the base line budget. I'm talking about all of the extra deficit spending since 2020.

Apologies, I thought you were referring to the annual budget.

While it's true that the deficit has increased each year since 2015, there's another thing to remember... Trump wrote the budget for 2020 and 2021. Biden's first budget began on October 21, 2021.

Homelessness was a concern in the budget, but not the only concern. We still had to recover from the Trump recession, unemployment, and a crumbling infrastructure.

Giving out houses doesn't solve the root problem, either. Most homelessness comes from unemployment, mental illness, and drug addiction, so homelessness is just a symptom... not the disease. Working to fix Trump's recession and improve unemployment was a big step towards fixing one of those key issues.

For mental illness and drug addiction, the Democrats have submitted dozens of plans to help... like universal healthcare. But of course the GOP (and you, apparently) hate those plans, too.

It seems to be one of those issues where, no matter what the Democrats do, you will think that it's wrong.

Why are you so beholden to your party, instead of the ideology?


Posted 8:22 pm, 02/03/2023

I'm not talking about the base line budget. I'm talking about all of the extra deficit spending since 2020. Another big difference is I'm talking no strings attached houses being purchased and given to people. Liberals don't understand how to create legislation that doesn't give the government more power. There always has to be strings attached. Like Obamacare. Instead of simply paying peoples insurance premiums they had to completely overhaul the insurance industry. Tripling the cost of insurance. Why couldn't they just pass legislation to pay premiums? Because there is no power to be gained in that scenario. Just like you not understanding the difference between government housing and home ownership.


Posted 6:17 pm, 02/03/2023

All hail the Gowilkes know nothing.

DB Cooper

Posted 6:03 pm, 02/03/2023

All hail the Gowilkes know-it-all!


Posted 5:37 pm, 02/03/2023

A few problems with your logic there, skeptic.

You're assuming that the federal budget does absolutely nothing. But there are more than 4 million federal employees:

And, of course, all of the organizations have to have operating budgets. Your theory would eliminate the military and federal law enforcement, as well as welfare and everything

Not to mention the fact that we have to have a budget to repair the economic problems created by Trump. The GDP is improving, but it's nowhere near ideal yet.

They could have moved people out of government housing and into a home.

Well, no. If you are suggesting that the government should have bought these houses then wouldn't it still be government housing? Just in a different place?


Posted 4:19 pm, 02/03/2023

Are you actually saying republicans care for poor people?

DB Cooper

Posted 4:11 pm, 02/03/2023

Dimocrats are only interested in keeping the peasants on the plantation. Things really haven't changed much over time.


Posted 4:01 pm, 02/03/2023

If they had done that you would have had a heart attack and we would have to hear you whinnying for years.


Posted 3:54 pm, 02/03/2023

They could have moved people out of government housing and into a home. Saving money in the long run.


Posted 3:52 pm, 02/03/2023

What do we need with another 24M empty homes?


Posted 3:48 pm, 02/03/2023

The 4 trillion dollars they have already spent. Tell me again how democrats look out for the poor.

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