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Daily Tips for Those Still Capable of Independent Thought


Posted 8:59 am, 08/12/2020

Pay attention Stone Mountian Ga, this weekend. Its not by chance the orchestrated events on both sides are occurring there.

And before the liberals lose whats left other minds. This began in early July with a NFAC march.


Posted 8:32 am, 08/12/2020

It is a daily tactic of scumbag swucy to twist and spin posts just to hurl insults.


Posted 8:23 am, 08/12/2020

Tip # 11 - Prepare to defend your home, family and neighbors. But first take a look at the most recent events in Portland. The so called peaceful protests have now moved into residential neighborhoods and sadly it isn't the first place this has happened. This in conjunction with the attempts to eliminate the police is a push from the left to collapse our country into chaos.

Its time to go Negan style on these anarchist.


Posted 10:13 am, 08/08/2020

You didn't come up with a good example.

Or are you not very bright?

Hillary is a murderer

Posted 10:09 am, 08/08/2020

You don't realize that you insult and change subjects on so many postings shoulda? Not very bright are you?


Posted 9:32 am, 08/08/2020

Actually, tmann's brand of conspiratorial fear-mongering is straight from the Alex Jones playbook. How is that an insult or changing the subject? I suspect you don't have an answer.

Hillary is a murderer

Posted 9:27 am, 08/08/2020

Do not be concerned with intellectual debates with the liberals as they are unable to discuss issues with any facts. However they will call you names and try to change the subject. Case in point: shoulda.


Posted 9:09 am, 08/08/2020

A daily dose of Alex Jones. *shudder*


Posted 8:47 am, 08/08/2020

Tip # 10 - Understanding what's really being done to us all. For kicks and giggles do a search for Bidermans Chart of Coercion. Some might call it torture or simply a method to make sure individuals "comply" - You now have a part of the Lefts playbook.

Here's a quick rundown of its basic steps - Tell me if you recognize any of these as happening

Isolation - deprivation of social support. You know... staying away from your friends, family and coworkers.

Monopolization of perception - Hmmm... I wonder what most folks would do when they've been forced to sit at home?

Threats - Gee, let's see... I think I read a headline today that said 300K dead by Dec 1st. Last week it was wear goggles and I even think I read that your AC is giving you Covid.

Induced Debility and Exhaustion - Anyone feeling like just giving up? I mean from Day one we were told repeatedly this is the new normal. It worked, how many times have you said it yourself?

Occasional Indulgences - Can you say phase one, two and three?

Devaluing the human - This one is interesting, you tell the person or in our case the nation the exact opposite of the truth. For example a people who have been known to help the world are now called selfish, hateful, racist and deserving of what's happening to them.

Enforcing Trivial Demands - This is to enforce a habit of compliance. I talked about this one earlier this week. Better follow those signs in the grocery store!

Wake up, stop listening to the lies. Your way of life depends on it. Stop obeying.


Posted 8:37 am, 08/07/2020

That's what this thread is all about. I'm just playing along.


Posted 8:35 am, 08/07/2020

scumbag swucy posts a conglomeration of spins, twists and lies to hurl another insult.


Posted 8:16 am, 08/07/2020

Tip 10: Make sure your tinfoil is wrapped tightly around your head, or Zeppo and his cronies will be able to send vaccine chips directly into your brain - probably through Lysol - that allow the hidden socialist cabal running the entire world to read your mind. Luckily, if you're buying what tmann is selling, they won't have to read for long.


Posted 8:07 am, 08/07/2020

Tip #9 - Understanding the role of the media. A lie told a thousand times becomes the truth, Of course that doesn't make it true but with repetition. A lie... like "if we all just stay home for 2 weeks" becomes top of mind so to speak and once it does congnitively a person begins to form judgments based on the lie. Have you ever flipped through several news channels and hear them repeating the same story using the exact same words? Kinda funny how so many educated and seeming independent folks select the exact same verbiage.

Now you know Joe Biden didn't have a mental slip when he said "we prefer truth over fact". Because the left feels entitled to create the truth they wish to mislead you with.

Turn off the TV, learn for yourself. And remember that you granted yourself immunity to name calling and attempted shaming of the left. Its always the first attack.


Posted 10:49 am, 08/06/2020

Wrong Marx. Tmann follows Zeppo.


Posted 10:40 am, 08/06/2020

Tmann when did Marx say accuse others of what you're doing? Have you actually read any Karl Marx?


Posted 10:28 am, 08/06/2020

I'm starting to think your bunker has black mold in it.


Posted 10:26 am, 08/06/2020

Tip #8 - How to understand what the Left is doing and where they are going next. Yesterday I called them what they are, Marxist. They've been trained to use a Marx idea of "accuse your enemy of what you are doing", knowing this allows you to know not only what they are guilty of but where they are going next. This is done to confuse you and to a degree "soak off" the resources of their enemy. Stop for a second and think about the riots that are called peaceful protests. There are numerous examples from recent years. To the rational mind it makes no sense but in light of their objectives... It makes perfect sense.

These people are evil and organized. Don't confuse evil with crazy, they aren't crazy they are evil geniuses. Since most of us with souls haven't spent our lives dedicating ourselves to the destruction of freedom. The best advice is to stop talking, stop debating, stop worrying about what they think, stop allowing them to shape your life, language and actions. Treat them like what they are, an invading enemy.

Seeing them as a foreign entity will help you understand why trucking companies (look it up) now plan to stop delivering to cities defunding and eliminating the police. Cutting off supply lines. But hey.... we can learn from the left. We'll say its because we can't be sure our employees can be safe.


Posted 9:12 am, 08/06/2020

I'm not sure what's funnier: One of the nitwits who broke like a China doll after about a week of shutdown waxing pathetic about self-reliance or another nitwit still believing in Plandemic. I guess it's a tie.

Random Idiot

Posted 8:43 am, 08/06/2020

Tip #8 watch the movie PLANDEMIC


Posted 7:52 am, 08/06/2020

Finish the reason - only homes that are used for house parties and have been warned.

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