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Posted 12:54 pm, 02/14/2020

Good points backwater. But, my thoughts would look at the education factor too. I think Johnson has more education and he is young. He has my vote, Sexton and I am still out on #3. I think Elmore, just to be honest because I like him.


Posted 12:14 pm, 02/14/2020

I hate to say this but 1048 is more aware of the issues facing Wilkes County than these other gop posters.1048 why does a person or persons open a Carwash?Do you think that an individual that operates a landscape business is qualified to manage a 40 million dollars of taxpayers excess funds? What about an SRO at a school-same question? An individual running a car wash more or even a person that has had a career working for County Government?If you always vote for the same party and people do you expect different results? I am not sure if the guy holding a hearing on the 2 nd amendment and hollering about gun rights is any different than the same people letting out side people put In God We Trust on the Courthouse.The counties that have voted on the 2 nd amendment issues are a waste of time and a waste of paper if they had it written down.A County cannot override state or federal law.


Posted 11:00 am, 02/14/2020

Brandon you make great points and so do several others. Yet we still have the issues of them holding onto 40 million dollars of our tax money.
If Elmore may be good with numbers, but not sure he has the citizens in mine.
The county has no business holding 40 million dollars of the taxpayers money in an account.
We got way too many things closing down and things that need to be fixed for them to be sitting on money.


Posted 2:05 am, 02/14/2020

Corruption just goes way to deep and the citizens of Wilkes are just way to foolish.


Posted 12:01 am, 02/14/2020

which issssss?


Posted 10:25 pm, 02/13/2020

Good ole boys looking out for each other.


Posted 10:16 pm, 02/13/2020

Local head of the Gee O Pee.


Posted 10:00 pm, 02/13/2020

Who is on the airport board and WCC board?


Posted 9:56 pm, 02/13/2020

The only thing I can add on that is
currently the airport has ran on the same budget for years... it should be it's own private thing and not getting a constant influx of ... off the top of my head around 1.5 million a year. I did the research over the past 10 years of county budget to the airport, but can't remember the exact number. The number was never less than 1.2 million IIRC.

If we are being fleeced... it's worth looking into, but it can't be very much.


Posted 9:38 pm, 02/13/2020

When you have a 15 year County Commissioner He is beholding to someone.Look who sits on the Board of the airport,the board of the WCC etc.Are They appointed by the County Commissioners That in turn is employed by them? Asking for a friend!


Posted 9:07 pm, 02/13/2020

Totes :)

I definitely like the push against the EDC the newcomers have. even Elmore admitted on my podcast, that the EDC hasn't done anything to spur economic growth.
More Elmore I think was the show. He does this slight stutter, and says that they haven't brought in NEW economic opportunities. Again I like Elmore and he knows a lot more than, was let on. I'd love to have him on again, and get into more stuff.


Posted 8:59 pm, 02/13/2020

Well like you I would say Elmore would be ok staying but after that, clean it up.


Posted 8:57 pm, 02/13/2020

Hold on there Mich. There is a learning curve to this, and this is my big pitch for Elmore. It takes a long time to get the financials.
Settle... I have no use for soul patch. His big pitches on the speedway have been debated. Beyond that I haven't heard an idea out of him.

Now the other two I like are outsiders, there has to be a small balance to things. And I definitely think that some change is needed.


Posted 8:48 pm, 02/13/2020

I don't know what sending the same people back every election has done for Wilkes, Surry, or Yadkin. Eddie Settle doesn't even have a platform. He just shares an ad with who he's married to and where he goes to church, and the suckers assume that makes him fit to serve.


Posted 8:37 pm, 02/13/2020

You are right Mich.


Posted 8:36 pm, 02/13/2020

Wilkes County needs a cleansing. **** every county in the tri-county area does.


Posted 8:35 pm, 02/13/2020

Yeah Bill Sexton definitely needs to be in there. I'm not sure who else gotta do some research.
I kinda think Elmore needs to go.
I mean they got $40 million in a budget they are sitting on and we got our roads full of trash, something needs to be done about that. He has been in there for around 15 years and got that much money on hand.
Yes, Wilkes county has 40 million dollars sitting in an account right now and they are not using it for anything.
That means they can tax us enough to save up 40 million and not need it. That's a HUGE problem.
We just had our homeless shelter shut down and this week the Safe house for women and children is being closed down. Wilkes county needs that safe house for the women and children.
That is a MUST HAVE.


Posted 8:34 pm, 02/13/2020

I'm glad people are starting to see through Eddies smoke screen. Sadly the good ole boys are blinded and will support him.


Posted 8:24 pm, 02/13/2020

Sexton needs to in there for sure. The conversations we've had on and off air, show he knows what's going on and he's darn smart.
I'd wanna keep Elmore as a person to show the way. What I mean is he definitely knows the ins and outs. and is a great person to learn from. He knows the numbers and I appreciate that.
Settle... is a no... something is off on him. I don't know what it is but I don't like him
Broyhill... is a no... he has one idea and it is a good one but there isn't anything beyond that.

I'd put Miranda as a 3rd just because she could kick up the dirt a bit.
and geez i'm wringing my hands on the fourth. ..

I'm going to go with a write in for 1048... just crazy enough that I'd sit on every meeting.


Posted 7:08 pm, 02/13/2020

I forgot about one,
Elmore will be in the top 4

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