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County Commissioner


Posted 7:20 pm, 02/15/2020

I am going to vote for Ralph. Everyone else I vote for will be democrats.


Posted 4:34 pm, 02/15/2020

For Commissioner I'm voting for Ralph Broyhill. For register of deeds Brian Minton has my vote and Board of Education Hardin Kennedy gets my vote.


Posted 2:59 pm, 02/15/2020

We elect from the people who bother to file for the office, some people talk about having ideas and throwing their hat into the ring, but some of those people are just that...talk.


Posted 2:01 pm, 02/15/2020

I doubt the people we get know what things should cost or how to form a contract. I doubt they even know what the county needs.


Posted 1:57 pm, 02/15/2020

I was only saying that a person qualified to run our county could make $150K to $250 working in the private sector. They need abilities, contacts and influence in the real world. People like that make a lot of money.


Posted 12:12 pm, 02/15/2020

If they live in Wilkes and make 150 to 250 k they would be in the one percent. There the enemy don't you know.

They lie and still. Me and you don't make that so there has to be something illegal.


Posted 11:44 am, 02/15/2020

1048andonehalf (view profile)
Posted 5:48 pm, 02/14/2020
LOL, Yea sure. Maybe maximum of $15K to $20K a year. The type of individuals we need to run our county would make $150K to $250K in the business world.

Wtf. You want some mean ol rich people making plans and rules. This makes no sense. I thought they were the enemy.


Posted 10:25 am, 02/15/2020

Does working for Lowes and then selling real estate qualify a person to be a County Commissioners? Could be Moma served as Clerk of Court that qualifies a person.Lets just keep these positions in the family of running the county.It looks as if he wants to drop all fees for his real estate friends to access deeds in Wilkes.I suppose they could raise property taxes to cover these services.


Posted 7:23 am, 02/15/2020


Looks like max is around $70,000 in Wilkes. Some counties the max goes into the $80,000 range.


Posted 5:31 am, 02/15/2020

Just calling balls and strikes...I suppose asking you to show proof of your claim would be too much to ask...I thought so.


Posted 11:19 pm, 02/14/2020

cowboy, you sure make an effort to defend county employees. Why is that? There is some kind of scam going on in every county department and everyone knows it. You are not hiding anything.


Posted 7:17 pm, 02/14/2020

The Register of Deeds doesn't make anywhere near $80K, and your other claim is total BS as usual.


Posted 6:29 pm, 02/14/2020

They watch for deaths in rest home and look for family. If there is no family the name gets changed on their deeds.


Posted 6:28 pm, 02/14/2020

The last time I checked a commissioner didn't get a salary. They get reimbursed and expenses. The register of deeds gets about $80K a year and all they can steal.


Posted 6:19 pm, 02/14/2020

Anyone know what the salary for a Wilkes county commissioner is?
Wondering if Register of deeds pays more money? You got Minton who is a county commissioner running for register of deeds.


Posted 6:03 pm, 02/14/2020

You people on the left sure do like a big government.


Posted 6:02 pm, 02/14/2020

Not sure about Johnson, I'm thinking he knows education but nothing else. Let's be honest what does he know about taking care of a family and/or running a business. I think his a good guy just not county commissioner material.
We definitely don't need Broyhill. I bet most don't know his stepson Gambill is already a commissioner. Gambill is one that needs to go next time around. We definitely don't need dad and step son together.
Pierce is a joke, no way can he do it. He needs to stay down at his little feed meal.
Only one I know for sure is Sexton, maybe one of the ladies. We need to get a different opinion on things.
Maybe Settle, just not sure something odd about him.
We gotta get rid of the ones on there, too much closed door meetings.


Posted 5:48 pm, 02/14/2020

LOL, Yea sure. Maybe maximum of $15K to $20K a year. The type of individuals we need to run our county would make $150K to $250K in the business world.


Posted 5:44 pm, 02/14/2020

Wilkes County Commissioners are compensated, free health insurance and a monthly allowance.


Posted 5:38 pm, 02/14/2020

One of the problem with getting qualified commissioners is they don't get paid. We get third rate people who are in it for what they can steal.

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