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CNN Poll: 66% Say Joe Biden Reelection Would Be ‘‘Disaster’ for America


Posted 10:07 am, 06/10/2023

Another fake news story from Breitbart 🤣


Posted 3:15 am, 06/10/2023

More fantasy BS.


Posted 11:41 pm, 06/09/2023

They ended slavery


Posted 7:34 pm, 06/09/2023

Unofficial GW's poll says that not a single gonothing know why they love their party so, ow what they have ever done to improve their lives ??


Posted 7:06 pm, 05/30/2023


Posted 8:20 pm, 05/29/2023

No idea what you're talking about, Mr. Lannister...


Posted 4:29 pm, 05/29/2023

anti is cool with the status quo. Apparently anti is sucking the teat of corruption.


Posted 3:58 pm, 05/29/2023

Great in theory, but in 2020 Joe and Donald spent a cumulative $5.7 billion-with-a-B!

New blood simply isn't going to be able to raise that much money. It takes a lifetime of wheelin-and-dealin to get that much financial support.


Posted 3:43 pm, 05/29/2023

New blood, new blood I say is what we need. Stay away from the nusing homes for president canidates. No to Trump and Biden. Maybe Hunter Biden will run, say yes to drugs.


Posted 3:09 pm, 05/29/2023

No charts or graphs, anti?

I do try to give images when I can, because I know that you and your ilk are much more likely to believe memes than data.

But it wasn't necessary here, all I had to do was give the link to the actual poll you're talking about.

This is a real problem in the US... people get their news from biased sources instead of simply looking at the source. You believe the opinions of others instead of forming your own opinions.

It's sad, really. You're brainwashed... and seem to love it. Demand it, even.


Posted 11:05 am, 05/29/2023

Anybody Else '24!

DB Cooper

Posted 10:55 am, 05/29/2023

WHAT! No charts or graphs, anti?


Posted 1:34 am, 05/29/2023

This is what happens when you get your news from Breitbart

Here's the actual poll:

The poll was of 1,227 people.

You can see on page 30 that 27% of Democrats said that it would be a disaster/setback if Biden won, while 96% of Republicans did.

Then when the same question was asked of Trump, 91% of Democrats said it would be a disaster/setback, while 15% of Republicans did.

No big surprise here... Republicans hate Biden and love Trump, while Democrats are OK with Biden and hate Trump.


Posted 4:49 pm, 05/28/2023

No worse than the last 2.


Posted 4:44 pm, 05/28/2023

what does fake news breitbart say about what a disaster that a trump or deathsatsis presidency would bring?


Posted 4:38 pm, 05/28/2023

Why would it be any different than his first/worst term?

DB Cooper

Posted 1:16 pm, 05/28/2023

A majority of Americans believe President Joe Biden's reelection would represent a "setback" or a disaster" for the nation, a CNN poll found Thursday.

Just say no to Buffoon Joe!

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