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Posted 2:09 pm, 02/13/2019

I agree liar. I’ve got special people on stand by who’s whole job is to dump my browser histories and destroy my phone if something happens to me. And after taking a look in there I figure I’m good enough to be a Methodist preacher


Posted 2:06 pm, 02/13/2019

"Sammidge" takes on a whole new meaning in there, eh gwl?


Posted 1:32 pm, 02/13/2019

Good for you. You’re 30 sec log on and subsequent judgement made you feel good about yourself.


Posted 1:29 pm, 02/13/2019

Good for you. You’re 30 log on and subsequent judge made you feel good about yourself.


Posted 1:09 pm, 02/13/2019

I consider myself a little bit of a perv, but the chat room makes me think I am a pretty good guy. I am no where near close as these sicos


Posted 11:20 am, 02/13/2019

Enough outta you, "wide stance"


Posted 11:19 am, 02/13/2019

Its a virtual interstate rest area bathroom


Posted 11:07 am, 02/13/2019

it's just a different forum than days of yore


Posted 11:03 am, 02/13/2019

You only have to chat with whom you choose. I can see how The over sexed and strange content in the lobby could offend.


Posted 10:53 am, 02/13/2019

I just popped in there for a minute. You go in there for a minute and scroll up through the "chats"

Yes...people are communicating, all right...communicating a desire for hookups. All dudes looking for other dudes. within 30 seconds, someone will be in your pm

Like I was saying earlier...it isn't what it used to be


Posted 10:40 am, 02/13/2019

Tool for communication


Posted 10:37 am, 02/13/2019

Holster that thing Chen. The post was mot directed to you personally. Just generally speaking


Posted 10:30 am, 02/13/2019

A tool for what?


Posted 10:24 am, 02/13/2019

i don't impose my moral standards on anybody. Classlessness is also a personal choice. You desperate individuals who immediately pounce on anyone who enters the room are the biggest deterrents to anyone with half a brain to visit the room.

Hope it works out for ya.


Posted 10:03 am, 02/13/2019

The chat room is nothing more than a tool. In a free speech society no one is compelled to keep to your moral standards. Live and let live.


Posted 9:52 am, 02/13/2019

back in the day, you could chat all night with posters such as; manicmama, luvinRN, trukker, byt and other regulars. never had people in your pm asking a/s/l

we solved many of the world's problems in there

sparkling water

Posted 9:33 am, 02/13/2019

Civility is useful in its place, but much of the chatroom content was downright indecent.

Its a shame really that individuals debase themselves so.


Posted 9:20 am, 02/13/2019

I have been in private chat with people that are more civil than some in CV.


Posted 9:13 am, 02/13/2019

he IS kinda freaking out, isn't he


Posted 9:10 am, 02/13/2019

I’ve never been in the chat room sparkling but judging by the guys username who is freaking out cause he can’t get in there I’d say you are correct.

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