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Car Title


Posted 6:49 pm, 02/19/2013

kristyb? Why can the OP not answer? Come on blow me, sounds like fun!

If Victory Toyota is as unethical as you claim why can you not tell it?


Posted 6:18 pm, 02/19/2013

I do know.twilight moon and i knw this to be accurate and very true. They have done this person very wrong and i would.strongly.urge u to put strong belief in this persons post. I.could say alot more about this situation that would blow ur mind about this company. But.those things are.not for me to.say.


Posted 5:57 pm, 02/19/2013

Twilight, some of us would like to know the outcome of your dilemma if you are telling the truth or is it you are simply trying to make this company look bad or maybe one of the salesmen didn't call you back for a date? What happened?

Maybe others are thinking of buying cars there too and would like to know if they made this right for you. I don't think people should be allowed to come on here and tell company names that could cost them business without proof, just saying. I am not an employee of this company, just an interester observer.

White America

Posted 11:15 am, 02/19/2013

The last time this happen to me I had to sue in small claims court. I didn't need an attorney because I had all my paperwork . What a frig-in mess. It my be your only option. In my case the judge clearly informed them they was no reason why the lot could not bond the car and apply for a title..

olde woman

Posted 11:08 am, 02/19/2013

let us know what happened? I had problems with them also. Taking over two months so far!


Posted 9:41 pm, 02/18/2013

Did you get this straightened out? I did not realize car dealerships could do things like this.


Posted 9:16 pm, 02/17/2013

Sam Poplin passed away about 3 months agon


Posted 9:12 pm, 02/17/2013

If she has a loan thru the credit union then Victory Toyota would have no reason to have a tracking device on the car. It would not matter to them if she pays her payment or not.


Posted 9:05 pm, 02/17/2013

omg they have low jack on the cars are u crazy they will find it.... most big time dealers and few of the small dealers put that on every car they finance anyone knows that if ur not a complete idiot


Posted 7:24 pm, 02/17/2013

sue them and the credit union that loan them the money they will have to buy back the car 3 times the money you paid for it. that also works when a dealer sales a car salvage and dont tell the buyer


Posted 5:52 pm, 02/17/2013

same thing happened to me a few years ago,called sam poplin at the dmv on school street, he called dealership and told them either have my title or my money for a refund by noon the next day or he would shut them down, needless to say they had my title the next day by noon, this wasnt the same buisness as that you are having trouble with, hope this gives you a piece of mind if they didnt produce a title for me by wednesday i would get my money back, if a title isnt released its because they havent paid for the vehicle,thats called robbing peter to pay paul.


Posted 5:05 pm, 02/17/2013

I don't think a dealer can sell a car without the title at their dealership. I would do like the other people have posted and call Barry Milam at DMV or Sam Poplin. I know they dealt with car dealers a few years ago. See what they say... and go from there!

twilight moon

Posted 4:57 pm, 02/17/2013

Thanks for the info guys i hope i can get this straighten out

mommas pride

Posted 4:09 pm, 02/17/2013

IT seems pretty simply,to me. Take it back.If they give you any trouble call Barry milam.At D M V.


Posted 2:46 pm, 02/17/2013

If you got a loan from the Credit Union on the car you purchased, it looks like the Credit Union would be asking for the title instead of you. Unless of course you got a personal loan without the car standing good for itself.


Posted 1:39 pm, 02/17/2013

Well they wouldnt get any money or the car till i got the title,, move the car where they cant find it,, after all it aint their car anyway,, they aint got the title

old truck

Posted 1:27 pm, 02/17/2013

NC law states that dealer must give you a title upon delivery of the vehicle! No ifs ands or buts!, Call Insp. Milam after 8am tomorrow at 838-7090.


Posted 1:07 pm, 02/17/2013

If they have a reputation for doing this and it is illegal, why has no one turned them in?


Posted 1:07 pm, 02/17/2013

twilight moon (view profile)

Posted 11:13 am, 02/17/2013

the title is at a bank somwhere in washington dc

I believe that to sell a car in NC, the title has to be in NC. I stand to be corrected, but I believe Empire Chevrolet went through an education about that when DMV found out the titles were being held in a bank in GA.


Posted 1:02 pm, 02/17/2013

In NC it is Illegal for a dealership to OFFER a car for sale without the title in hand, much less SELL one !

If you go to any REPUTABLE car dealership and look where the trade ins are, you will see a sign in the

windshield that states " This vehicle NOT for sale " and usually it also says," waiting on title"

Most reputable dealers do not want to take a chance on having the doors closed because of this.

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