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Bust on FriendshipCross Street


Posted 10:59 am, 06/16/2012


Posted 10:55 am, 06/16/2012

If a person wants to drink and smoke pot, it is nothing to me. But meth he should have his nut sack nailed to a oak post in the desert and leave him there.


Posted 10:50 am, 06/16/2012

Maybe they will send him back. Most offenders never change. If others were arrested, it will more than likely be printed in the paper also. I sure hope no children were around in that mess.


Posted 10:45 am, 06/16/2012

Should have known! Didn't he just get out of prison a few months back?

J.R. Ewing

Posted 10:43 am, 06/16/2012

Offender Name: LARRY DON BROWN
Offender ID:
Date of Birth:
Custody Status:
In Custody
Location of Offender:
Wilkes County Sheriff's Dept.


Posted 9:50 am, 06/16/2012

Just glad that some of you repliers understand the termoil this mess has caused us, not counting what was stolen from us. I won't say the persons name, but I can tell you he has spent more of his adult life behind bars than not. As to a war problems, this person never worked a honest day in his life and especially was never in any war or miltary to be under stood as having a post stress syndrome. I won't judge anyone cause only GOD can do that when it's their time, but I am very happy that scumbag and his gang were busted.


Posted 9:08 am, 06/16/2012

Redzone, Friendship Cross Street is off of Boone Trail in the Cricket Community.

Any names released yet? Surely there isn't a wait time to post names of ppl busted for drugs.


Posted 8:58 am, 06/16/2012

is that road off of Hwy 115 towards Statesville?


Posted 8:28 am, 06/16/2012

Rosetta Stone your new linguistic tutoress is earning her pay.

"( the above post was wtitten in Wrestlinggrapma-wowsernese)"


Posted 8:11 am, 06/16/2012

About meth makers....we don't know the hard times they have had what with the war in Iraq takin all the money so people can't have programs to help some of the so-called drug abusers wowwowowowowow and then lets talk about Romney picking on gays in college and I've been to Guam have you oh well we will just have to see as we have come to expect such silly postings we should not judge let the law handle it wowowo

( the above post was wtitten in Wrestlinggrapma-wowsernese)


Posted 7:35 am, 06/16/2012

Glad to hear they busted another set of meth makers/users. Good job. Along with being sent off, these people should have to work on road clean ups, or what ever the law enforcement can find for them to do, to equal out, the money that is spent, on cleaning up their mess. The last time I read in the paper, the dollar amount was very high, for what it cost to clean that junk up.


Posted 11:27 pm, 06/15/2012

I know this is a relieve for the familys living on that street.I would not let my kids play outside with theses drugs going on there. Good work .


Posted 11:16 pm, 06/15/2012

If they had kids in the same house they were making meth, They should give the parents 30 days in the electric chair. And this would not be good enough.


Posted 11:11 pm, 06/15/2012

How many people were in the house when they went in? We rode thru there this evening and if,I recall correctly I've seen children playing outside at the same house. Was there any children there with this mess going on?


Posted 10:50 pm, 06/15/2012

FINALLY , maybe now we can see some peace on our street. A lot of things have been stolen on our street, people scared, drug dogs running unleashed, gas stolen, and loosing my good neighbors due them not wanting to have their children near this mess. The rest of you doing the same thing on this street need to pay attention cause we are fed up with this kind of nonsense. I have lived here all of my life and I never thought I would see this on our street. Thanks to Wilkes County Sheriff Dept. For Listening To Our Complaints, Extra Patroling, and Getting This Type Of Crap Of My Street. I for One Certainly Appreciate Your Efforts.


Posted 10:22 pm, 06/15/2012

i hope the jail house is full tonight


Posted 9:28 pm, 06/15/2012

Cops still there taking everything out of the house in white suits.Neighbors tried to take pictures and the SBI made them delete them....


Posted 9:26 pm, 06/15/2012

its true the cops fire dept and bunch of others were up here a little bit ago cleaning the house out they had the road blocked off.


Posted 8:45 pm, 06/15/2012

How true is this did they really bust someone

White America

Posted 8:28 pm, 06/15/2012

Not true maco. Not true. These so called Clean up are working great and I am glade to hear this news.

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