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Bloomberg at 6% leftist support.

sparkling water

Posted 8:43 pm, 12/02/2019

Leftists are having to import candidates.


Posted 8:26 pm, 12/02/2019

Bloomberg is a GOPher in DEMS clothing.


Posted 8:24 pm, 12/02/2019

Who will be the VP candidate running with Bloomberg?Bloomberg was elected at 2 levels of NY govt while running as a Republican.

sparkling water

Posted 8:19 pm, 12/02/2019

Trump only has to beat one leftist.

It wasn't difficult in 16, even though that leftist was the greatest of all leftists.


Posted 8:12 pm, 12/02/2019

sparkling water

Posted 8:08 pm, 12/02/2019

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