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Black teenage girl in Ohio 'shot dead by police' as Derek Chauvin jury returns verdict


Posted 11:32 pm, 04/22/2021

There's a lesson to be learned here. Don't attack people with knives.


Posted 9:32 pm, 04/22/2021


Posted 8:43 pm, 04/22/2021

https://www.youtube.com/wat...t=146sHere is the one that happened in OHIO,and yes they are protests. The first girl avoid being stabbed by falling to the ground, The Officers shots saved the 2nd one. The kitchen knife can be seen lying by the girls body while the officers attempt first aid. May want to slow it down as you watch because like i have said before BAD things happen FAST Things start at 1;28 on the vide


Posted 9:18 pm, 04/22/2021

Wonder why the cop didn't shoot her with a taser, on purpose?

Joseph T.

Posted 6:37 pm, 04/22/2021

I am not sure what the two cases have to do with each other the girl was being a thug and had a knife and was trying to stab or cut another person it was a good shoot.


Posted 11:07 am, 04/22/2021

Grrr...I concur


Posted 11:05 am, 04/22/2021

If you are assaulting another person with a deadly instrument, with intent to do bodily harm unto that other person, and an officer of the law tells you to stop, then....you should probably stop.

I'm with the cop on this one.


Posted 10:57 am, 04/22/2021

Her mom was doing such a good job raising her she was in Foster care at the time of her raging.with a knife.

old lady

Posted 10:48 am, 04/22/2021

I guess police should just let them fight and kill each other. James would be raging if other girl got killed and police had not protected her too.


Posted 5:55 pm, 04/21/2021

It was the officer's sworn duty.


Posted 4:04 pm, 04/21/2021

Horrible situation, but if you are swing a knife at someone, it seems like the officer had the right.


Posted 2:28 pm, 04/21/2021

Let's sit back and watch the liberal lefties make a victim out of a knife wielding attacker.


Posted 12:27 pm, 04/21/2021

Cool Conrad out here spreading rightist Busch lies again.


Posted 11:12 am, 04/21/2021

Racism is whatever a leftist schlit says it is whenever they play the card.


Posted 11:07 am, 04/21/2021

The video wouldn't load for me, but from what I've read this shooting seems justified. You swing a knife at another person, you really can't be shocked when a cop shoots you...

Careful, Connie, your racism is showing


Posted 10:52 am, 04/21/2021

Only a mother would know.

The body cam video shows her to be not so little and peacefully raging with a knife.

The mother of Makhia Bryant spoke to reporters about Makhia, "She was a very loving, peaceful little girl. She was 16-years-old. And Makhia had a motherly nature about her. She promoted peace."


Posted 10:36 am, 04/21/2021

Just another blamtifer obeying their law of the jungle.


Posted 9:15 am, 04/21/2021

Look at the knife in the big girls hand. Cop may have saved a life but that's not going to satisfy them.


Posted 7:53 am, 04/21/2021

I bet the "stabee" is glad the officer had a gun


Posted 7:27 am, 04/21/2021

A police officer in Columbus, Ohio, shot a teenage girl Tuesday evening while responding to reports of an attempted stabbing. The girl, identified by family members and Franklin County Children's Services as Ma'Khia Bryant, 16, was taken to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead at 5:21 p.m. The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is investigating the shooting.

Bryant, who is Black, was shot at about 4:45 p.m., or 15 minutes before a Minneapolis jury returned guilty verdicts in the murder trial of Derek Chauvin, the white former police officer who killed George Floyd, who was Black. Protesters quickly gathered near the home where Bryant was shot. A woman who identified herself as Hazel Bryant, aunt of the victim, told The Columbus Dispatch that Ma'Khia Bryant lived in a foster home and got into an altercation with someone at the home. The aunt said her niece had a knife, but maintained she dropped it before the officer shot her.

Columbus officials Tuesday night released body-camera footage from the officer who shot Bryant. It shows the officer firing four shots as Ma'Khia Bryant as she appeared to swing the knife at another woman. The other people at the scene erupted in angry disbelief.

"We know, based on this footage, the officer took action to protect another young girl in our community, but a family is grieving tonight and this young 15-year-old girl [sic] will never be coming home," Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther said at Tuesday night's news conference. "It's a tragic day in the city of Columbus. It's a horrible, heartbreaking situation," he added. "We felt transparency in sharing this footage, as incomplete as it is at this time" was critical.


Posted 11:27 pm, 04/20/2021

I hear Jesse and Al packing their bags for Ohio. Maybe Al will let Jesse and Maxine hitch a ride on his jet. Has he paid all his taxes. Greta will get mad at Al for spewing all that pollution in the atmosphere. He needs an electric car but he'll have to charge it so many times he'll not get there till all the riots are over.

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