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Biden economy outperforming predecessors


Posted 1:12 am, 04/08/2021

Publicans love sucking up to their rich donors 😏😏😏😀


Posted 6:46 pm, 04/07/2021

Tax cuts for the rich never help the economy. I don't know why we keep falling for the same scam.


Posted 5:59 pm, 04/07/2021

Plus tax and spend democrats have flooded the country with free money. Works good until inflation takes off. How could it not?


Posted 5:51 pm, 04/07/2021

Its not to hard to figure out what happened in the economy. In the spring of 2020 it was shut down to try and slow down Covid-19. Things are finally starting to open back up now, and like Trump said would happen, there is a lot of pent up demand......so the economy is picking up again. It's not rocket science.


Posted 4:14 pm, 04/07/2021

So you don't agree with your own post?


Posted 2:06 pm, 04/07/2021

So you call it Biden's economy after only three months but called it Obama's economy for the first 3 years of Trump's term. Biased much Anti?

You clearly didn't read either article... I copied the headline from the first article.

But I've always said that you can't pay attention to short term cycles, you have to watch trends over periods of time and look at bullet points that caused a shift. If the economy starts to go up or down then we'll have to look at why; if it grows at the same rate as before then it will just be a continuing trend.

My main point, though, was to counter the super-Republicans on here that prophesied an economic collapse by now...


Posted 1:49 pm, 04/07/2021

At least one billionaire will pay his fair share 😀


Posted 10:23 am, 04/07/2021

Economically, Democrats generally outperform Republicans. This is common knowledge.

granny smith

Posted 9:07 am, 04/07/2021


Posted 6:20 am, 04/07/2021

Just think what progress the Economy will endure when a new budget is finally finalized by Congress this fiscal year.....


Posted 6:08 am, 04/07/2021

I'm telling you this man is SUPERMAN. He is outperforming every president before him. Although Trump had more minorities working, the best economy of all time and a secure border. Here comes a man that did not campaign, cannot hold news conferences, can't walk up a set of steps or remember his own name and he is the GOAT. We are the most secure, most compassionate, healthiest, and prosperous we have ever been. Gosh this is enough to get Cankles and Cackles both laughing.


Posted 5:41 am, 04/07/2021

So you call it Biden's economy after only three months but called it Obama's economy for the first 3 years of Trump's term. Biased much Anti?


Posted 3:44 am, 04/07/2021

Maybe Biden can step up and take care of the border crisis. I am not holding my breathe.


Posted 1:26 am, 04/07/2021

Biden economy outperforming predecessors/ YOUR OUT OF YOUR MIND


Posted 1:24 am, 04/07/2021

Dementia Donald just never was good with money 😏😏😏😀


Posted 12:49 am, 04/07/2021

This is true in two examples. First, the stock market is growing better than any other President at this point in their first term, going back to 1993:

At the same time, "Jobs report blows past expectations as payrolls boom by 916,000" (the estimate was 675,000, so much better than expected):

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