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Bark Mobile


Posted 11:59 pm, 06/17/2012

I know Bark Mobile is Carolina West.... I need me a smart phone cause my brain is dead.


Posted 11:41 pm, 06/17/2012

will an old droidx work with bark?


Posted 11:19 pm, 06/17/2012

So you have a Motorola Droid mandi?


Posted 10:49 pm, 06/17/2012

Yes, you can use internet on Bark's. I am on my phonr right now. Mine also has Navigation.


Posted 10:48 pm, 06/17/2012

Yes, you can use internet on Bark's. I am on my phonr right now. Mine also has Navigation.


Posted 8:39 pm, 06/17/2012

Thanks MillerBr55 hey that's a good price, now I want one of those Droid RazrMax or Nexus phones. I guess I'll settle for that $110 MD-740 DoublePower 7" tablet Walmart has on sale. Says it has Android 4 on it. I could install Skype on it and have a Video Phone as long as Wi-Fi was nearby.


Posted 8:25 pm, 06/17/2012

Crypt, I just looked at the bark site, and it doesn't show the data on there. . I don't know why, but on the one that's 44.95, that is unlimited talk text and data for a non android, and the 59.99 is the unlimited talk text and data for an android. .


Posted 8:21 pm, 06/17/2012



Posted 8:18 pm, 06/17/2012

I checked Bark's site and I don't see Motorola's Droid listed under phones. I also don't see any data plans only voice and text. There are several phones Bark offers with the Adroid operating system but none with Abdroid 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich). I believe the Galaxy Nexus is the only cell phone that uses Ice Cream Sandwich right now. So can ya'll browse the internet using Bark?


Posted 7:53 pm, 06/17/2012

I have my Droid thru Bark. It use to be 50 bucks and some change but it went up to $67.47.

Thinking aboit switching to Stright Talk but my hubby's is Strait Talk and we can be driving thru North Wilkesboro and it will lose service.


Posted 5:16 pm, 06/17/2012

Boost is defiantly the best price for a smart phone plan, but I don't even live all the way up 18 mountain, and it wouldn't pick up here . . I wouldn't get signal until I got to the Little Dipper, and I have had Bark now for 6 months, and never lost signal.


Posted 5:15 pm, 06/17/2012

Miller: We're on that very plan; it's great, no matter where you happen to be.


Posted 5:09 pm, 06/17/2012

wilkespeddler i have never had an issue in the mountains with mine, it picks up perfect.


Posted 3:22 pm, 06/17/2012

i have the android plan and it is 67 and change after taxes and all. i also have another phone that's 51 after taxes. both unlimited.


Posted 2:46 pm, 06/17/2012

I use Straight Talk for the smart phone. I have unlimited everything for $45.00 a month. My husband has a smaller plan with a simple phone for $30.00 a month. We are saving over $80.00 a month going this route than when we were with AT&T.


Posted 2:38 pm, 06/17/2012

You can get the plan $10 cheaper by going to Hickory.. And you will still be in the same calling area...


Posted 2:33 pm, 06/17/2012

Boost Mobile sucks arse in the mountains


Posted 1:39 pm, 06/17/2012

have you thought about Boostmobile? They use Sprint network and you can get unlimited with shrinkage..I have 2 more payments to go and I will be at $35 for unlimited everything and I have droid with them. just a thought.


Posted 1:37 pm, 06/17/2012

Yes the are powered through CWW


Posted 12:10 pm, 06/17/2012

Bark does run off the CW West towers right ?

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