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Australia, Japan, South Korea say they are behind the US


Posted 8:12 pm, 08/13/2017

just another wilkes county inbred trying to knock someone down.


Posted 8:11 pm, 08/13/2017

yeah...Im uninformed. I get my information from cnn.com. I guess theyre uninformed too. I should take your word because you have intimate knowledge about these things right?


Posted 5:54 am, 08/13/2017

Clearly you are uninformed.


Posted 5:53 am, 08/13/2017



Posted 2:24 am, 08/13/2017

I wonder if perhaps youd care to share the link where you got that information? I mean its pretty obvious that japan and south korea are on our side because aside from having a different name theyre both essentially lapdogs of the u.s. but china on the other hand has alot riding on a potential conflict between north korea and the u.s.... for one: if north korea and south korea are united there will no longer be a buffer between china and the west and two: china will only be bullied so far. eventually they will probably side with north korea, russia, and possibly even iraq, and give donald trump the war he so desperately seems to want. maybe the somewhat more docile obama wasnt such a horrible choice after all...


Posted 12:41 am, 08/13/2017

Latest on the NK threat. Australia, Japan, South Korea say they are behind the US if North Korea initiates an attack.But in North Korea's corner, its main trading partner and treaty ally China, has sent a signal that it won't risk backing Pyongyang. Trump's tough stance is working. Of course the liberal media will give him no credit.

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