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Posted 8:10 am, 06/24/2022

This fart knocker demanding his/her useless cookie cutter questions be answered, but refuses to answer a simple yes or no question....

Yap yap lap dog still peeing on carpets in the house while looking for his/her forever home.


Posted 7:12 am, 06/24/2022

Quite fummy! While still unable to explain or defend the title of its bogus thread 'ol jestershouldajolly demands a response to its made up "fake elector scheme", whatever that is.


Posted 9:23 pm, 06/23/2022

Not interested flakeyCONpuppy, though I see that you're still blowing smoke while refusing to discuss the GOP fake elector scheme, eh?


Posted 5:20 pm, 06/23/2022

Hey jestershouldajolly, coulda YOU, in your own words, tell us about the Righteous "blowing smoke", your words, regarding inflation AND the border crisis, YOU know, the title of your thread?


Posted 1:01 pm, 06/23/2022

singer(dullard), I posted 2 links explaining the scheme. Do you need someone to read them to you?

Hey flakeyCONpuppy, I bet you still don't realize that you're a village idoit, and a petty troll do you?
You're so out of your league, but you keep babbling and yapping.


Posted 11:56 am, 06/23/2022

mush brain jolly, could you explain what 'elector scheme' you are talking about.

Are you referring to the stolen election and how it should have been returned back to the states to deal with the obvious fraud.
Unless you a dumb you knew instantly that fj, biden couldn't draw flies. Obvious cheating to a brain that works.
And here you are more than a year later, still just as blind and stupid as then.

And have you heard what is taking place in Georgia. Looks like Trump was right again, as always.

Georgia may be the catalyst that lets us learn just how many million votes the machines stole from Trump, and puts us on the path of arrest, and war crime trials and the proper carrying out of punishment as laid out in the US Constitution.


Posted 11:52 am, 06/23/2022

Hey jester, YOU probably don't know this but when the title of your thread has been blown up all YOU have left is ashes AND dust.


Posted 11:15 am, 06/23/2022

Yeah Fuxxy, Trump should be able to turn it around after all he caused, it by putting this country deeper in debt than it's ever been just to the line the pockets of his cronies.


Posted 11:08 am, 06/23/2022

Flakey, still waiting for you to defend the fake electors scheme?


Posted 7:25 am, 06/23/2022

I can name ONE Republican that can do it and has a record of doing it. His initials are DONALD J TRUMP


Posted 7:24 am, 06/23/2022

Please name ONE Democrat that could turn this train wreck around? Just ONE


Posted 7:21 am, 06/23/2022

Quite fummy watching 'ol jestershouldajolly run away when the premise of its title gets shot down.


Posted 7:11 am, 06/23/2022

What Democrat do you think would make a good candidate for president? One, name one

What are the policy changes that differ from the left wing extremist loons in there now?


Posted 7:03 am, 06/23/2022

Agreed...for both parties. Lets go ahead and no send the old dudes to the White House!


Posted 7:01 am, 06/23/2022

Democrats can try every gimmick in the book but when it comes down to it the way to win an elections is:

Produce a candidate with good policies that helps Americans. Winner every time

Deep Creek

Posted 6:49 am, 06/23/2022

That Jan 6 **** ain't going nowhere.Trump for d**n sure ain't going to jail.Go to that Jan 6 pump today when you need gas.


Posted 6:41 am, 06/23/2022

Now flakey would you care to defend the "fake electors" and their ploy?


Posted 6:38 am, 06/23/2022

FlakeyCONdrew, keep pitching your extreme alt-rightie gatewayBS. Like I said, blowing smoke is what you do.

Now tell us exactly what Biden's border policies say?


Posted 6:22 am, 06/23/2022

Your narrative may be manufactured.


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