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As far as this cash thing goes, I will believe it when I see it.


Posted 10:27 am, 03/26/2020

With all the money Bill Gates gives to the poor [ then why has it not helped?]. I'ts fake, he gives to samaritan's purse which puts money back into the rich mans pocket. Get in your car and ride down almost any road in Wilkes County and you can see poor people. I pass trailers with two and three cars that don't run in front of their houses. I told a friend the other day I bet Trump never seen a trailer park in his life. THE RICH DON'T HELP THE POOR, THEY HELP OTHER RICH. They give to charities to get TAX BREAKS is the only reason. The congress and senate are in hiding now till it's safe to get out again. They sell their travel stock leaving leaving us in the dark about the coronavirus. Don't tell me what the rich man does for us it's bs. Red Cross CEO'S rides around in private planes making millions of donations from the Bill Gate's of the world. The working class made this country great and they throw us bread crumbs, while giving the rich millions. In my own words with errors,


Posted 8:52 am, 03/26/2020

The ity of some of the people on this site amaze me. 1048, do you realize how much Bill Gates and his wife have donated to needy causes in the past. Unlike you, he is one smart dude.

Bill Gates (@BillGates) February 28, 2020. Bill and Melinda Gates have already pledged $100 million to tackle the global outbreak and support the people living in extreme poverty who could be disproportionately affected.


Posted 12:35 am, 03/26/2020

Republicans don't give poor people money. I can see Bill Gates getting a big box of money but I doubt many in Wilkes will ever see any.

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