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Posted 12:14 pm, 05/17/2018

sparkling water

Posted 2:15 pm, 05/16/2018

It really was better before they started using groundhog.

With the amount of roadkill groundhog there is in Wilkes, one would think this would push Wilkes Arby's profit margin up. Free product to sell.


Posted 12:28 am, 05/17/2018

And another thing, coleslaw is supposed to be sliced into slivers not chopped and pulverized into dust. Also, please remove about a tablespoon of salt from the Famous Mashed Potato Bowl. People, there has to be lead in the water.
Thank You!


Posted 8:36 pm, 05/16/2018

There's no such thing as GOOD fast food! There's a reason it's cheap, and it's not because they use such quality ingredients!


Posted 7:17 pm, 05/16/2018

nothing is as good as it used to be,everything has been "new and improved" to death and ruined.
just to save fractions of a cent that can be put in executives pockets,new buildings,research to further cheapen products and continue the cycle.


Posted 7:09 pm, 05/16/2018

Bojangles is by far the best chicken place! But their cole slaw sucks. I have sent them an email before and filled out one of those cards asking them to make their cole slaw taste like KFCs! But no response or changes have been made.


Posted 7:06 pm, 05/16/2018

What I can't figure is the allure of Chick-fil-a. Wendy's has a better chicken sandwich for less money and their fries suck.

sparkling water

Posted 5:14 pm, 05/16/2018

Everything tastes like chicken.

Because chicken has no taste of its own.


Posted 5:11 pm, 05/16/2018

kfc is awful now. it doesn't even taste like chicken.

sparkling water

Posted 5:10 pm, 05/16/2018

I called Arbys. They confirmed certain changes. Up until 1994 they canned their fresh roast beef directly from the roast beef trees at the peak of freshness. A labor shortage that year forced them to flash freeze the roast beef in the field. They soon found that this actually gave them an eight day window to harvest roast beef. It also allowed for increased use of mechanical pickers. Basically they told me that unless the minimum wage drops below $5.25 this was unlikely to change.


Posted 5:05 pm, 05/16/2018

Everyone knows ketchup doesn't go on anything except fries so why then does Wendy's put it on my $1.29 cheeseburger and ruin it, which the meat has that strange aftertaste now so it doesn't matter anyway. I thermos jug full of pinto beans with some good yellow cornbread crumbled up in them is what I'm thinking.


Posted 5:05 pm, 05/16/2018

Actually I think Arbys always has been and is still one of the finest restaurants in town. My ranking would go something like this. Top to bottom Arbys, Wendys, KFC, Taco Bell, McDonalds, and last and definitely least in my book...Burger King. I only ranked the restaurants I frequent.


Posted 4:56 pm, 05/16/2018

And another thing people, I don't want cheese that tastes like rubber on my $1, 2-4 pm roast beef slider. A thick slice of onion and then horsey sauce is what I'm thinking.


Posted 4:55 pm, 05/16/2018

I said that years ago, the meat has no flavor like its stewed in water. !!


Posted 4:51 pm, 05/16/2018


Posted 4:44 pm, 05/16/2018

Remember NC263 wanted a stoplight put beside the Arby's parking lot .


Posted 4:39 pm, 05/16/2018

Arby's prices are really out the roof to say the least. Yet the biggest worry is getting back on main road upon leaving...


Posted 4:25 pm, 05/16/2018

DAT, I am a married woman! Lol.


Posted 3:49 pm, 05/16/2018


Democrats Are Treasonous

Posted 3:41 pm, 05/16/2018

I got you some horsey sauce... baby.


Posted 3:18 pm, 05/16/2018

Arby's used to be my favorite fast food place because I really like their horsey sauce. But I haven't eaten at one in years because it just seemed like the quality of food went down while their prices went up.

I wouldn't mind some horsey sauce though.

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