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Posted 11:34 pm, 10/29/2012

its great if your a mexican or black with 5 kids and you dont work i lived there for a bit but im white with no kids they threw me out no joke


Posted 4:01 pm, 10/29/2012

not everyone is a bum, some people really do need the help to get on their own feet.


Posted 6:37 pm, 10/19/2012

A couple of people that lived there killed the twin deers in Stone Mountain. Just a slap on the hands and they went free. Is that right? This is the kind of people that live there. I am sure many are more nice and kind people there that just want to be left alone...


Posted 1:37 pm, 10/19/2012

They are an awesome place to live....if you are bum and want to sponge off of the taxpayers with your "rental assistance".


Posted 11:35 am, 10/19/2012

yup- 580 a mo for a 2bdrm- it's managed by one office, but they are actually owned by 2 companies, Landura & wilkesboro associates...I moved about 4 months or so ago & lived on the wilkesboro associates side closest to the college. funny, they really could be nice apts if they would do something with them...my fridge kept messing up (I lost A LOT of food) they kept 'fixing' it but it kept making this loud screeching sound (my down stairs neighbor even heard it) they told me i had to punch, yes punch, the upper inside corner of the freezer...Oh & if you get an upstairs apt, I hope you have small furniture because the entry was a closet behind the front door and not much can get through it well- I had to bring my furniture over the balcony so i hope your strong!


Posted 8:57 am, 10/19/2012

Did they finally fix up the playground? It was an awful mess last time I saw that place. Landura was the last I knew that was "managing" that place and they were out of Winston-Salem.


Posted 7:57 am, 10/19/2012

$580 a month for a 2-bedroom?? Is this accurate?


Posted 7:54 am, 10/19/2012

They dont allow pets unless you are either elderly or disabled with a doctor form filled out...as for rental assistance, you have to qualify and they are only allowed a certain percentage to recieve the assistance...management has changed, she is doing a much better job, but there is so much crap that needs repairing it sucks when you move in & you have 2 windows broken that they say they are going to replace but 4 1/2 yrs later you still live with the broken windows...they are not up to code- Im not sure what kind of extension they got to get them in order....they are convenient, but I had 2 neighbors while living there that cooked meth- nice right? There are good people there, but there are also some scum bags- like anywhere I guess, but if you have kids dont let them in the courtyard it isnt safe; broken glass and other kids with parents that dont give a crap- nice playground though if you go with them


Posted 3:17 pm, 10/18/2012

My husband worked there and the management really sucks.

Good luck my friend but I do not think I would let my dog live there.

Also, how about the late night basketball games that keep everybody awake?


Posted 2:08 pm, 10/18/2012

well i lived at Windermere Apartments for 6 years and i loved it and its based on your income . its a nice place to live yeah it needs alot of work but if you go to the college then its a great place cause you can walk to school . and there is a waiting list and if the rent is to high like the other person said i would look some where eles but it dont hurt to find out and look around to see what you like best .wish you good luck and hope you find a place .


Posted 12:21 pm, 10/18/2012

They're okay but if you're not getting rental assistance it isnt worth it-- and the list for that is long...I just moved out. A 2 bdrm is $580 a month & not worth the headache because they need a lot of repairs...you can go to the ones near the old harley shop location and get a 2 bdrm for 550 with pool & tennis court access


Posted 9:13 pm, 10/17/2012

why not?


Posted 8:58 pm, 10/17/2012

Don't do it man


Posted 8:56 pm, 10/17/2012

i meant I've been thinking about moving over there and need to know how there are for apartments? Clean? any problems? prices?....


Posted 8:53 pm, 10/17/2012

went by there today. they're doing fine. :)


Posted 8:51 pm, 10/17/2012

How are the Windermere Apartments near the college?

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