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Another Biden disaster ….the grocery store


Posted 8:00 am, 10/23/2021

You're actually advocating for socialism, DumDum.

You want a president to step in and change prices set by businesses.

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Posted 7:58 am, 10/23/2021

But just remember, inflation only hits the rich. Does not affect the poor. That is what Joe himself said along with his chief of staff. What a joke he is. I hope single mothers and old people realize how stupid this old fool is. I imagine when their wallets are empty……they will be switching parties.

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Posted 7:56 am, 10/23/2021

No, as you remember, I am giving away my lifetime exemption money before the end of the year. But thanks for your concern. I am set for life.


Posted 12:02 am, 10/23/2021

Do you need a care package?

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Posted 10:37 pm, 10/22/2021

Socialism is really bad. There is no food, no money, nothing.


Posted 10:30 pm, 10/22/2021

Let's go Brandon!


Posted 10:27 pm, 10/22/2021

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Posted 9:35 pm, 10/22/2021

We got the same stuff we normally get. The prices are a lot higher. Did not even get any meat. Thanks Joe for your food disaster.,

Capitalism kind of sux, don't it?


Posted 10:16 pm, 10/22/2021

Some folks are dumb as a box of rocks.

Prices have increased across the board due to manufacturing shortages, transportation shortages, store staffing shortages and add to that customers hoarding non-perishable items all which have led to increased prices.

Oh, and don't forget all the cargo ships sitting in the ocean around the country trying to get into port and be unloaded.

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Posted 9:35 pm, 10/22/2021

We got the same stuff we normally get. The prices are a lot higher. Did not even get any meat. Thanks Joe for your food disaster.,


Posted 9:07 pm, 10/22/2021

Wow, Biden is forcing people to buy more than twice the food they usually buy! Then they blame Biden. Sad.


Posted 2:37 pm, 10/22/2021

Nope. Try again, DumDum.

Abraham Drinkin

Posted 2:34 pm, 10/22/2021

Shoulda thinks everyone wants America to be just like the socialist country of Venezuela where food is not affordable for the masses.


Posted 2:02 pm, 10/22/2021

You shouldn't eat so much. I bet your scale is working overtime as it is.


Posted 2:00 pm, 10/22/2021

It's the Democrats plan

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Posted 1:55 pm, 10/22/2021

Went to the grocery store and it was $200 for 2 people. Usually half of that. Luckily, not a problem for me. Guess Joe planned this since he and his administration said inflation is just a "high class" problem so if you are low on funds from grocery store and gas, just remember Joe thinks you are just "low class." So just eat your canned garden beans and tomatoes cause Joe is only wanting to hurt the "high class."

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