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Alex Baldwin now states he never pulled the trigger


Posted 5:51 pm, 12/04/2021

Look at the the of the thread


Posted 5:50 pm, 12/04/2021

DUH Cause Albert hasn't shot anybody and denied doing it LOL


Posted 5:43 pm, 12/04/2021

Albert's post:

"Honest to god, if I felt I was responsible, I might have killed myself."

Didn't he also say that if Trump was elected President that he would move to Canada, he didn't as far as I know, so we already know he's a liar.

You stupid twit, these are Baldwin's words; whether I've ever lied is immaterial, he has.

Now Albert, who's looking like a stupid twit? How is Baldwin's lying about moving to Canada more important to this thread than your credibility, also knowing that you've lied? Your lies are just that, no more acceptable than anyone else's, you arrogant buffoon.


Posted 5:09 pm, 12/04/2021

Bless his heart


Posted 3:48 pm, 12/04/2021

Wow, the words of the piss ant " are you going back to your cave"?


Posted 3:31 pm, 12/04/2021

Add bear traps to the long list of things that Mr Hankey doesn't comprehend. LOL


Posted 2:30 pm, 12/04/2021

Classic sociopath

~glitter and glamour~

Posted 2:21 pm, 12/04/2021

Baldwin is a prique, has always been a prique and will always be a prique. Do you not recall the voicemails to his daugher, calling her a pig?

He feels zero guilt from the shooting. Zero...his words.

Do you feel guilt?," Stephanopoulos asked.

"No. No," Baldwin said. "I feel that someone is responsible for what happened, and I can't say who that is, but I know it's not me."


Posted 8:13 am, 12/04/2021

6.) But he made funny about dear supreme leader, he must be dealt with.

The fact that you're trying to minimize reaction to the event, actually, makes you the political hack. You're the one making it political. You're reaching because you want it to be political. That's desperate.

Lester White

Posted 2:17 pm, 12/04/2021

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take

~Alex Baldwin


Posted 1:15 pm, 12/04/2021

Look Out FIns Its cleaver trap !!!!!! ROFLMAO


Posted 1:13 pm, 12/04/2021

Wow, Mr Hankey has been completely destroyed. LOL

Let's recap his claims. He claimed to have a waiting period on the only gun he ever bought in NC. But he claims to be an avid range shooter and turkey shoot competitor, all the way back to the 80's, in Alleghany and Watauga counties, where he saw Trump stickers. OK…

Should we also point out that NRA stickers weren't very common until the 90's after Clinton took office?

Yep, Hankey went all in with his lies this time. ROFLMAO

Albert Pike

Posted 1:09 pm, 12/04/2021

I've never seen a trap where the goal is to make yourself look like a complete and total imbecie…I hope you don't bait bears; I can see you now, standing in the woods dripping with honey and when a bear comes and begins to eat you, and you happily exclaiming…I win I win.


Posted 1:00 pm, 12/04/2021

Well BYE


Posted 12:58 pm, 12/04/2021

Time to give it a rest on this thread, I've grown tired of it and I'm a bit ashamed of myself for taking advantage of y'alls limited intellects.


Posted 12:56 pm, 12/04/2021

Yeah, but he made joke about dear supreme leader!


Posted 12:47 pm, 12/04/2021


Posted 12:45 pm, 12/04/2021

You dont know the difference between Shart and shinola and continue to prove it on here quite often . Maybe a 3 day wait before you hit send would help

Albert Pike

Posted 12:44 pm, 12/04/2021

Man if you're trying to make yourself look as foolish possible…you're succeeding.


Posted 12:41 pm, 12/04/2021

168 go crawl into the pout house with poopdoggie and afic y'all deserve each other, the only time you guys come across as smart is when you outsmart yourselves. Instead of being a man about it and admitting you were fooled you infer that I didn't know the difference between the 80's and 20's. afic stepped into the bear traps a few times he too was never man enough to admit he'd been fooled you're all too easy.

As the old saying goes "If you can't keep up with the big dogs stay on the porch."


Posted 12:25 pm, 12/04/2021

He caught it to late and tried to cover LOL

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