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A Looney Trans Perv shot 3 9 year old children


Posted 10:44 am, 03/29/2023

Claiming false flags is nothing but being sympathetic to the killers. Much like CONRAD supported and defended the Buffalo and Uvalde shooter.

What a rotten useless pile of dog turds.


Posted 10:34 am, 03/29/2023

Is Hanoi Jane going to be prosecuted?
You can't yell fire isn't that what the leftist say

DB Cooper

Posted 10:07 am, 03/29/2023

Hanoi Jane Fonda Calls For "Murder" of Christians/Pro-Lifers on The View Just WEEKS Before Nashville Christian School Shooting


Posted 9:06 am, 03/29/2023

Maybe our zhitZ coulda tell us how the perp, a recent art school graduate, coulda afford its munitions.


Posted 9:03 am, 03/29/2023

Still, earlier today, The Gateway Pundit reported that Jennilyn Lohmar Salinas, or "Jen Loh," an FBI operative, was caught illegally and unconstitutionally spying on the defense team for the Proud Boys and reporting back to the DOJ.

Couldn't spy on the shooter

Thomas Hobbes

Posted 8:33 am, 03/29/2023

You can tell this was part of the gun grab agenda by the reaction of the powers that shouldn't be.

Democrats are behind it


Posted 8:18 am, 03/29/2023

Hey lamont, how do YOU feel about the perp stockpiling weapons, ammunition AND tactical gear right under its parents nose?

Bonus question: Where did it train for its mission?


Posted 8:02 am, 03/29/2023

Wtf are you even trying to convey here?

I believe her parents had known whatever the issues were for quite some time. Knocking parents for trying to get help for the child is exactly what is wrong with mental health and youth.

You're gullible hate blinds you from reality.


Posted 7:10 am, 03/29/2023

Just who is the one in need of a Psychiatrist here. You mean her parents needed to have her examined to find out if she had mental problems when they knew she thought she was a boy? Anyone who can go urinate and not make the determination or can be coerced into thinking they are the opposite sex is evidently "touched"

More mental illness going on that we are willing to admit.


Posted 10:07 pm, 03/28/2023

Clearing a building that size knowing at that that very moment a active shooter was targeting children had to be the hardest thing those officers have ever had or will ever have to do. Outstanding job under pressure by the officers of the Nashville PD


Posted 9:59 pm, 03/28/2023

There is no way any sane individual could try and justify the shooters actions.


Posted 9:53 pm, 03/28/2023

Law enforcement did a great job.

Anyone who shoots innocent people is insane. This kind of behavior has nothing to do with race, gender, etc.


Posted 8:49 pm, 03/28/2023

No time wasted in the Police response here, They went straight in and hunted down the POS


Posted 5:21 pm, 03/28/2023

168Amax (view profile)

Posted 5:12 am, 03/28/2023

What ever the label, Democrat, Republican, conservative, liberal. Makes no difference. Neither does the shooters preferred pronouns and political beliefs, there is absolutely no justification for the murder of three nine year old kids. Any one who claims that there are is intellectually disabled.


Posted 5:07 pm, 03/28/2023

Anything to prove a stupid bigoted viewpoint! How sick can you be to segue.a tragic shooting into an argument against sex differentials?

Over the last three+ decades the shooters have consisted of mainly adult males with some male youths and oh yes, we have the six year old that shot his teacher.
This just goes to prove that the extreme right will go to any length to justify their unjustifiable arguments on any subject.
Why can't they just stick to plain outright blatant lying it worked for their "one time" president.


Posted 8:46 am, 03/28/2023

168Amax (view profile)

Posted 1:27 am, 03/28/2023

It takes a real POS to try and justify the murder of children.


Posted 8:43 am, 03/28/2023

168Amax (view profile)

Posted 1:57 am, 03/28/2023

If you keep abusing trans, what do you expect them to do? They are going to fight back.

Making excuses for a child killer is really a new low even for you

So tell us is this your idea of fighting back? Targeting Innocent children? How in the world do you suppose they abused the shooter?

Lester White

Posted 6:34 am, 03/28/2023

Biden conducts press conference regarding the shooting and he makes a joke in his opening statement:

"My name is Joe Biden. I'm Dr. Jill Biden's husband," Biden said from the White House's East Room in his first public appearance since a 28-year-old woman shot and killed three students and three teachers at a Christian private school in Nashville. "I eat Jeni's ice cream chocolate chip. I came down because I heard there was chocolate chip ice cream," he continued. "By the way, I have a whole refrigerator full upstairs," he added. "You think I'm kidding? I'm not," Biden told the crowd.

What world does his mind live in? Certainly not this one.


Posted 6:32 am, 03/28/2023

If someone commits a crime, there is a reason they commit it. I just happen to think it is more beneficial if we learn why they did it then the actual crime. However, I understand you have a very simple mind.


Posted 6:29 am, 03/28/2023

If this wasn't coming from a total fool, I might take it seriously.

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