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Last person to post win's
easy game just be the last person to post and win!

Whats up with KFC?
What has happened with KFC? Are they remodeling or what?

What's for dinner thread?
Let's start a new one ..

What would you do if you were given $500 a month
No condition, no requirements, just a free check. Let's just assume that you were guaranteed to receive an additional $500 a month over y...

Why can't we have a Topic titled OFF TOPIC? Where we could post nonsensical statements as long as...

Do you have eyes to see and ears that you might hear TRUTH.
Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand. 14 And in them...

Parents how do you raise your children?
Do you teach them to be unkind to the elderly? What about Respect to the mother and father. Do you teach them to take whatever they want?...

MAGA means lets go backwards in time to what?
How about we go backwards in time to when the middle class mattered?

Where are congress’s tax returns?
Only 12 members of Congress have released their full tax returns. 473 members haven’t released anything at all. http://media.cq.com/med...

2 obese white guys and one with orange face paint
https://s.yimg.com/uu/api/r...hY2h5b24 / https://media mbst pub ue1....0001d13f1b

Real tragedy of border crisis.
10,000 plus child sex slaves cross the uncontrolled border. Sad. https://www.deseretn...cking.html

Lost pets
Where are the listings for lost dogs? Have 2 at my house.

Whats for lunch?

Theresa May is resigning :(
Her big`uns will be missed

Looks like a job for poligrip
https://m.youtube.com/watch...5qReRWiaYo ROTFLMAO

AOC on Price is Right
https://babylonbee.com/news...ng is free

Liberals that denounce Trumps decision are sweating.
Trump declassifies Russian investigation and gives AG Barr the authority to declassify anything he sees fit. Why don’t them libs want t...

If you are American
Stop this bickering. I get it, Trump is not the best, Obama was not the best, Bush was not the best. But look at it like this, with the n...

Ax Throwing Bar opens in WS

what's for breakfast?
What are u having?


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