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The right want the benefit of living in America
They just don't want the responsibilities. Take Trump, he likes making money but he dodged the draft. Trump likes making money as long as...

Why is every add on here promoting Trump?
There is not one add on here promoting Biden.

Poor brainlocked Rump doesnt even know that Fascism is rightwing
https://www.npr.org/2020/07... of july 4 Unless he knows, and is lying. Would Rump lie?😏😏😏😃

Bounty wire transfers
https://thehill.com/homenew... transfers

Russia is putting prices on out troops heads and what are you worried about?
The tearing down of monument of traitors. Something bad wrong with your priorities.

Peaceful Protest in California

Can the Community Response Team Anticipate where to be and Save NYC from itself ?

Trump has no plan
At least him and Dan Forest have something in common. Well they actually have a lot in common and it isn't good. https://thehill.com/home...

Gov. Cooper, masks are now required in all public areas
Gov. Roy Cooper on Wednesday issued a mandatory mask requirement across North Carolina and ordered a "pause" on easing any othe...

Activist Group Raises Flag over the past Weekend

Increase taxes to 50% or more
Create an America where everyone has medical care, food, housing and income. That is how we make America great again.

How many of you remember a time when we never had welfare?  
I don't think you want to go back there.

The BEST press secretary EVER
https://www.washingtonpost....story.html I love watching Kayleigh in press conferences. Maybe now some of the media will actually hire jo...

Dogs all over wilkes are saying thank you today for COVID
At least one good thing for 2020, they didn't have to be tortured with that god awful Fire truck parade.

Why can't we have a Topic titled OFF TOPIC? Where we could post nonsensical statements as long as...

Over 1000 mental health professionals say Trump is insane. 
Harvard Psychologist Trump Has 'Serious' Mental Health Problem

Happy Birthday Spam
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spam (food )

What has this nation come to!
I can't believe my eyes. Our beautiful country is getting torn apart by a radical bunch of people and we are just sitting and watching it...

Any where to four wheel drive besides whipperwheel?
I am trying to find places to mud bogg besides whipper wheel and can't find no where? If anyone knows some where plz let me know thanks

Public announcement
Maybe a bit old, yet is well advised even in today's times.... FUNNY! How To Not Get Your *** Kicked By The Police Chris Rock YouTube


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