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Why do people throw trash on roads?
Seriously, how are people so backwards as to throw THEIR trash out their car windows to litter our beautiful county? There are trash cans...

Banning abortion is a Socialist ideal
I found this to be interesting. China is considered the "most Socialist" nation in the world: http://blog.peerform.com/to...the...

Why do Republicans hate America?

Anyone out there received their tax refund yet?

Things that you WHIP

RBG immortality watch
https://www.nytimes.... lung.html

Payless Shoes to close all of their US stores
They're closing all of their 2,100 stores in the US. They have 3,600 stores worldwide, though, and have announced that the international ...

Where will the Liar In Chief be golfing this weekend?

Roger Stone Arrested Last Night!
WHO'S NEXT???? Roger Stone, a former adviser to President Donald Trump, was indicted by a federal grand jury as part of special counsel R...

Republicans pay the price for Trump's wall crusade
That's because trumps response to a futile effort to squeeze lawmakers for wall funding is to obliterate a constitutional guardrail in a ...

Andy Coulter Fires Back at Trump: 'The Only National Emergency Is that Our President Is an '
how long before the rest of the republicans figure it out ? it took mr. coulter only 2 years....

Cummings says new evidence shows Trump attorneys may have misled ethics officials
In the letter to the White House, Cummings says the documents he’s requested are “even more critical” given new information obtaine...

Paul Manafort could get 19 to 24 years in prison and fined millions of dollars, prosecutors say
What 19 to 24 years. LMAO.... Special counsel Robert Mueller’s prosecutors said Paul Manafort could go to prison for approximately 19 t...

BBQ Chicken?
know of any groups that will be selling BBQ Chicken on Saturday?

JC Faw passed
Just received word from a credible source that JC Faw has passed away.

dont gas up in wilkes
gas 313 in elkin and up to 335 in wilkes does this make any sense at all

Rump's fake national emergency
This illegal power grab should doom any chance he had of being re elected. Praise God!

Happy Sabbath Day. Hope yall enjoy the day God made just for you to REST..
Someone came to Jesus with this question: “Teacher what good deed must I do to have eternal life?” 17 “Why ask me about what is goo...

The Dems are really confused now
With the socialist running business off how are you going to feed all those poor people without the tax money from big business.

Senior Dog
There is a 15 year old dog in Elizabethtown, NC. Have two female dogs already and am worried that they won't get along..I am wanting to k...


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