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He's Still going after McCain
What a nut job! Trump’s tweets about McCain ahead of the church service continued his longtime attacks on a critic who died in August f...

Address of Prolife
The address of the Greensboro Prolife organization is NCRTL, PO Box 9282, Greensboro NC 27429 0282 and the phone number is 336 274 5433 i...

sentencing handed down in Trooper Bullatd's death
Dakota Whitt 140 200 months Mona Lisa Mullins 19 months Michaela Harrison 36 56 months

Oil Leak Dye Test
I have an oil leak (car engine). I have had two mechanics/garages look at it. One said main head gasket. Other said front seal gasket. Ne...

Anybody Know What A "Hoover" Jar Is
This is one of the nick names given them..I have a few..Wonder if they had any other names ?

Gynecologist recommendations PLEASE!
I need a GOOD gyno recommendation. I dont mind going out of town if need be, I just need to see someone with good rapport and who really ...

What's your favorite assault rifle?
I favor the AK47

Questions for Wimmin
Do you clear the hairs from your hairbrush at regular intervals? If your hairbrush gets full of hairs, is that a signal to buy a new brus...

Old SAYING we still Say
Like two Peas in a Pod

Liberals still show ignorance on electoral college.
The new attack is that it was to keep slavery. We have to start teaching history again.

Have you ever felt a song
This one remiinds me of someone evertime I hear it http://www.youtube.com/wat...

How are those Polar Bears doing?
Glad you asked. https://polarbearscience.com

Cult of the Dead Cow
Are you a member??

Mispronounced words...
frigilator for refrigerator

New business thread
Instead of creating a new one for each. Current new businesses under construction: 2nd Walgreens Starbucks Jersey Mike’s Subs

The View
I cannot stand to watch this show. I have no idea how it is still on TV. They really should get rid of Meghan MCCain....she can never say...

Beto blew them all out including the burn
Beto O'Rourke raised $6.1 million in the first 24 hours of his presidential campaign, his campaign said Monday, in what amounts to the la...

New Zeland Terrorist
http://www.msn.com/en us/ne...ocid=ientp http://www.nydailynews.com/...story.html

Gambino mob boss Francesco 'Frank' Cali killed outside home in New York
A man said by federal prosecutors to be a top leader of the Gambino mob family was fatally shot outside his home in New York on Wednesday...

Secret Identity
Who is Psychedelic Warlord ?


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