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Arlene and Friends
Arlene and Friends are padding their charges because they need to book more time to clean after each client....example...a simple hair cu...

What are everyone 's ides on the next stimulus. If and when Washington decides There are so many ideas some of which don't make one bit i...

Elkin Protesting
In elkin now protesting.

Riots and Protests all over
Can someone please explain what they're rioting over? The cop that killed George Floyd was charged with murder, so what outcome are they ...

America was no built on peaceful protests. 
How soon we forget the cost of freedom. It was our fore fathers who were the thugs in the streets and it was the English paying the cops.

Michaelhjsr needs prayers
Attn Christians....please pray for Michaelhjsr as he believes we worship Satan. He needs our prayers.


The riots and looting is Karma and you created it.
Every time you used the N word or allowed other around you to use it, you set in motion Karma which lead us to this point.

Blue waters, white sandy beaches, palm trees swaying in the wind and plates of all kinds of food. 
How have we existed for so many thousands of years and still don't have this?

If you want a better world, you are going to have to make it.
If you don't want riots, looting and burning buildings, you are going to have to fix the problems that caused them.

Millers Creek Fire Tax Increase
Millers Creek Fire Department proposing a 3 cent per 100 valuation tax increase according to a article in the Journal Patroit. Why are th...

Cases of COVID in Wilkes now
Wilkes County's ninth COVID 19 case was reported Wednesday afternoon and three more were reported Thursday morning, bringing the county's...

might be over...Tucker turns on frump..
veit when they turn on each other.... lol.Fox News host Tucker Carlson accuses Jared Kushner of having 'contempt' for Trump supporters.Fo...

Kinda hard to believe YHN would let an article of this nature be printed with their name associated with article proving Da BOSS Man righ...

The easiest way to spot racism
Go to any GOP convention.

Jared says frump still has the trailer park vote....lol
so funny how those people think about you suckers. that's why frump loves you poorly educated.

Cuomo For President
Democrats have a backup plan for when Hiden Biden fails his medical and mental exam. Andrew Cuomo is already being considered. He has alr...

Farmer's market
Anyone heard anything on the farmer's market in North Wilkesboro

Leftists have Deep Roots
https://en.wikipedia.org/wi... Rome (455 )

Why not just ignore these right wingers 
Everything they say is a lie.


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