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2020 Presidential Election


Posted 2:53 pm, 02/12/2019

I think Bernie is the favorite as of now,who knows he may need another house .

this n that

Posted 9:43 am, 02/12/2019

Another thing being exposed in the democrat party is how they hate Jews.
Several Jew haters in positions of power that should not be, but yet they are not removed by the dem. leaders.

Jew hating Hitler like democrats in the United States Congress. And nothing done about it.

And you fools call Trump voters Nazi's . And you have Nazi's in your party, and support them.


Posted 9:31 am, 02/12/2019

Too bad that so many trump supporters get their news from the National Enquirer as they wait to get checked out at the grocery store . Some grab a copy to take home.


Posted 8:53 am, 02/12/2019

It doesn't make any difference who the democrats run, if they don't get away from this left leaning socialist progressive message they are trying to send to their party, any one of them they nominate will lose. There is enough center of the road democrats left in the U.S. that's smart enough not to go that route.

this n that

Posted 8:24 am, 02/12/2019

If you didn't watch Trump's speech last night, you should.

If you think the dems are in trouble now,, listen to Trump. You may figure out that no matter who you run, you're wasting your time.

It was what is called a 'barn burner'. He didn't hold back on what a bunch of nuts the dems have running their party.

And all those lefty loons, that are running has horrified the nation with their desire for a law to kill babies, even after their born.
80 percent of the country is shocked at what you libs are willing to do to a new born baby, and 68 percent of "pro choice' people are disgusted by it. That covers all those psychos you have running.. They all want to legally be able to murder babies.

And President Trump laid it out in plain language.. He told the crowd how dems wanted to be able to 'execute' a new born baby born alive. He didn't sugar coat his words,, he used the words that honestly describe what is going on in this country.. He told the crowd the number of 'MURDERS' that has been committed by illegal criminals that the dems want to let into this country unhindered by walls, or laws.

It was magnificent. But I bet you'll still try to convince yourselves that you can stop him from being reelected.

You're destined for a rerun of 2016 in 2020.

Mad Scientist

Posted 8:12 am, 02/12/2019

sparkling water

Posted 7:47 am, 02/12/2019

The leftists need to affirm their choice of Hillary by renominating her.
I am loyal in my support of Bill’s Spouse.

Hillary is a murderer

Posted 7:45 am, 02/12/2019

It's Hillary's turn!

sparkling water

Posted 7:25 am, 02/12/2019

There’s a lit of lying and pandering to do before the leftists nominate their standard bearer. These early candidates are just jockeying for cabinet seats if one of then should win.

Mad Scientist

Posted 11:19 pm, 02/11/2019

With all due respect to the Democrats here, none of the 2020 candidates or potential candidates has much of a chance of winning in 2020. Of the names being floated around, Biden is probably your best bet ...... however he is too hands-on with little girls and to be honest, he has said some really things in the past. IMO, y'all would be better off picking a Governor to step up and run ...... like Jay Nixon of Missouri, Steve Bullock of Montana or Steve Beshear of Kentucky.


Posted 11:16 pm, 02/11/2019

My fear is that too many candidates will muddy up the waters just enough to divide the Democrats...which will work in tRumps favor in 2020!


Posted 10:47 pm, 02/11/2019

Amy Klobuchar ,Kamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren are all great speakers with a lot of supporters , they will become better known as the political season progresses.


Posted 10:32 pm, 02/11/2019

I haven't decided yet, but they all have good ideas so far. They express their ideas on healthcare, taking care of children, especially those held illegally, the border, global warming, of course they mention trump and his lies, as they should, but he's not their main topic.


Posted 9:52 pm, 02/11/2019

Who are you thinking of, kenc? Elizabeth Warren has a Favorability of 34%, which is about the same as Cheney had in 2010!

Joe Biden is the only frontrunner that's popular, but he's already 76 years old... if he wins 2 terms then he would be 85 at the end of his second term! That would make anybody nervous, I think.

At this point I can't think of any of the frontrunners that I would really vote for, except Biden. Who do you think is the best candidate?


Posted 9:40 pm, 02/11/2019

I do not agree with that antithesis , not a psycho or unlikable person in the bunch !!!

~glitter and glamour~

Posted 9:32 pm, 02/11/2019

What about Joe?


Posted 9:29 pm, 02/11/2019

I think you're correct anti...I wish it not to be so!


Posted 9:12 pm, 02/11/2019

At this point, the Democrats simply do not have a frontrunner. It's a real problem, we have a handful of psychos and unlikeable people that even I don't want to vote for!

I have a feeling that this election won't be voting in favor of a Democrat, it will only be a vote against Trump. And Democrats keep giving the Republicans fodder (like the New Green Deal), so if they don't start acting with some **** common sense then Trump is going to win. For real this time, too.

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