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16 year old girl in Wilkesboro charged with 3 murders!!!


Posted 5:27 pm, 11/08/2019

Have any of looked up here profile and read what she says there?


Posted 4:55 pm, 11/08/2019

So a possible involvement of 5 murders.That is hard to believe a misguided teenager would be involved in such a terrible crime.


Posted 4:41 pm, 11/08/2019

backwater (view profile)

Posted 4:33 pm, 11/08/2019

So 3 bodies in June and now 3 more bodies found in Mouth of Wilson that are tied to this same case?

No only 2 bodies were found initially, the 2 children. But they were charged with the murder of the mother initially as well, who's body was one of the three found. so 5 total. I understand the confusion by the way the articles have been written.


Posted 4:39 pm, 11/08/2019

I didn't say she shouldn't be punished. I think she should and probably will get life. All I am saying is that her mother allowed the relationship to begin when the girl was 15!, possibly even 14 I am now being told!!!! This young girl was impressionable and like Huckabee just said, she honestly probably didn't know how far this was going to go. I just believe in my heart that her mother should be held responsible for allowing her teen daughter to run wild with old men. If you look at the mother's other kids you can see a pattern of horrid parenting and wild *** teens who do what and who they want. It shouldn't be left alone, it should be investigated.

And while I thought he was older than 30 (He looks 40+) 30 IS old compared to 15. a 30 year old man should have no interest in a 15 year old girl.

And Anti, my only sympathy is for how she was raised, she never had a chance and now her life and many more are destroyed because she was ALLOWED to run off with older men.


Posted 4:33 pm, 11/08/2019

So 3 bodies in June and now 3 more bodies found in Mouth of Wilson that are tied to this same case?


Posted 4:18 pm, 11/08/2019

This girl was young but not so young that she didn't know what she was doing. All of us have to make our own choices in life, some good and some bad, but when most people are as old as she was they don't have to be told right from wrong. She probably didn't know it was going this far when it started, and her boy friend will probably get most of the time in prison, but she shouldn't be let off scot free.


Posted 4:17 pm, 11/08/2019

From back in June:

The statement said that when detectives interviewed Wolfe on June 16, she said Avilez killed two people in the mobile home when they went there. The statement also quoted Wolfe as saying that when a third person ran out, Avilez told her to run over the person and she did-and the impact killed the person.

The statement referred to the third person as a "little girl," but Bowman said it actually was Calderon. According to the statement, "Avilez wrapped her up in a cover and they took her across Oxford Dam and dumped the body." Oxford Dam is on the Catawba River on the Alexander-Catawba county line.


I don't get how you're feeling sympathy for the girl, or assuming that she was being influenced by him or whatever. I've met plenty of teens that were crazier than a **** house rat, and it sounds like she had no problem running down what she thought was a little girl.

She doesn't deserve excuses while he gets all the blame. They both deserve the prison time they get.

On a side note... 30 is OLD?!


Posted 3:35 pm, 11/08/2019

This poor girl, she never had a chance. Growing up in the family she did and the life of her mother and older sister should show she had a terrible childhood. I know there's no excuse for what she did, and there's 5 lives in all this lost that will never be brought back, but I can't help but feel sorry for her. She found this much older man and for the first time felt love. She definitely had a complex about parental figures. This old *** man then wanted her to help him kill his ex, kids and the new boy friend. She did because that's what she was told to do. By this OLD man. Her mother should be charged with contributing to a juvenile just because she allowed her at the time 15 year old daughter to have a relation ship with this man old enough to be her father. I can't change anyone's opinion, and that's not what I intend by this post, but lets focus a little more on this old man who has ruined many, many lives and the community should demand her mother have some accountability in all this. If it were my 15 year old daughter and I allowed that (which nope, I would have called the sheriffs office on that man, not allowed him to date my underage daughter) our kids would have been taken by cps and much much more!


Posted 12:49 pm, 11/08/2019

I am afraid at the end of time their Soul is going to. A Lake of Fire

sparkling water

Posted 12:47 pm, 11/08/2019

Some people have no soul.


Posted 12:35 pm, 11/08/2019

I have all ways said what ever illegal immigrants did in their own. Country they will do in this country President Trump is trying to keep people like these out of our country now do you see my point


Posted 12:27 pm, 11/08/2019

Holy crap!

... the bodies are believed to be Maria Calderon, 38; Juan Carlos Mendez-Pena, 33; and Luis Fernando Sanchez, 36. Calderon is listed as Maria Calderon Martinez in some Alexander records.

Areli Aguirre-Avilez, 30, of Taylorsville and his girlfriend, Heidi Darlene Wolfe, 16, of Wilkesboro, are charged with three counts of first-degree murder apiece in the June 15 deaths of Calderon and her son, Angel Pacheco, 11, and daughter, America Pacheco, 12, at their mobile home on Black Oak Ridge Road in the Vashti community of northern Alexander.


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