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Tipton's Bar-B-Que
(29 reviews)

Specialty: Barbecue

1840 Winkler Street
Wilkesboro, NC 28697

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Kids Menu Available: No

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday - Thursday:
10:30AM - 8PM

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10:30AM - 9PM

10:30AM - 8PM
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At Tipton's, we pride ourselves on our use of the finest ingredients to cook our award-winning barbecue. We use only the finest pork picnic shoulders and best chicken raised here in North Carolina. Our use of select hickory and special combinations of wood gives our barbecue its unique flavor. In true Lexington style, we serve our pork shoulder simply with our secret "dip" poured over it. Add one of our three tables sauces and dig in!

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We went there on 11/19/16 ordered ribs. Not very good they were barely room temp.We have been eating there for 5 to 6 years and the food has really been going down hill ! The price has went up dramatically and the quality and quantity has hit rock bottom! It cost 40 dollars for two half racks of left over ribs at 7 o'clock on a Saturday night Not Happy!

We had to wait for 5 minutes for them to decide where to put us and clean the table at 2 on a sunday afternoon, with less than 20 people in the place. Then had to ask for refills and request sauce be put on a bbq sandwich. And the potato salad was warm and not fresh. For $31 I expected a lot more. Not impressed and wish we had gone elsewhere.

Hamburgers used to be incredible, but they have lost their smoky, grilled taste. I am not sure what changed, but I do not think they are worth the money anymore.

Went today and order a simple BBQ sandwich. I came out cold. I asked to have another brought out and guess what it was room temparture. The hush puppies for the side were not hot either. The server seemed dis interested at best. Mpst tables had a variety of sauces but mine did not so I had to get up and go to another table and get some sauce. The BBQ is marinal in taste at best and I grew up near Lexington and I promise you I know good BBQ. The price is in my opinion much higher then Pa Paws. Best for me to just go to Pa Paws and drive the extra 3 miles.

I personally cant wait for the new items coming out.

good enough for a thumbs up ol roy. geez dude quit being a stupid wilkes county basher. I have never heard one single person not like that item. maybe you got sick cause it was not ramen noodles

went there one time never again got chicken bq pizza made me sick

Think our buddy Powerstrokin is a ex employee there. Maybe a certain guy named B who got canned for getting arrested for stalking a female. Heard they fired him for it. I will go by taking up for them by saying even if you don't like the sauces there is no way anyone can say the pork is not awesome. It is. The vinegar may not be to everyone's liking but the pork chicken and ribs are the best in 50 miles. Should really screen your people posting. This guys a fraud trying to get back at them for getting canned for being a creep to the staff there. Powerstrokin is a joke. He even wrecked his liquour sickle

I have eaten a lot of BBQ in my time from all over the Carolinas, and this restaurant has the worst BBQ I have ever eaten. With N. Carolina being know for there great BBQ, they make Carolina look bad when it comes to BBQ.

Actually I came on to leave this good review but after seeing ol J lambert, funny name, thought I would post the truth. IT IS...... AWESOME haha. Well I didn't get the chicken wrap i got a grilled chicken sandwich on my first trip, it was very fresh to me and large and the taste was excellent. Second day i got GASP the ribs. Suprised to see them sitcking with that but when i ate them I knew why. Tender, moist and oh so meaty. For the uninformed like fat boy lambert, who we all know as lambert j, and who has an axe to grind, SPARE RIBS are meaty, they cover the tenderloin. the bone is bigger . They are so much better than baby backs. PIZZA this is where I know he is an idiot. the pizza I had on my third night is hands down the best i have eaten in NC. Hand tossed, homemade marinars, prob not from a can like lambert likes, and fresh cheese. whole milk at that. So in closing it is awesome. Had pulled pork on last night there, and it was best meal yet.

Worst place in town. I use to eat there often but never again. Last 3 times I ate there the service was horrible and the food was bad and made me sick. I ordered a chicken wrap and the chicken was spoiled. I ordered a pizza and it was terrible and I ordered no mushrooms and it had mushrooms all over it. I ordered ribs and they were nothing but fat and tasted awful. I will never go back and I tell anyone who asks to never go there it's awful

Best food in Town

oh simpletee **** what are you talking about. I go here often as does everyone else. Ha you would be a red neck from wilkes county who thinks it's not good. Jeez. Trust me ppl it is the best Q you will eat. Probably not dry enough for old simple. Been reviewed by all the big smokers and it gets better ratings than anyone else around. Go get some more meth Simple. Guys this guy is a joke don't believe anything he says. And simple hit me a PM I will show you what good Q is. You might be the main course.

Anyone who thinks this is great bbq,,,,,, you probably think the seafood at Don's seafood is fresh yuk to both places..................

Best bbq in the county. IMO

I have to say I love the pulled chicken. You can't find it anywhere and the hickory red sauce is the best. I like Lexington style although it may not be for everyone, but if you like tomato and vinegar then you got it going on. Also the staff is easy on the eyes.

We love the Potato Salad, and the Ribs. Spicy and delicious.

I went last week and had the sandwich and some Onion Rings YUMMY. Dude you must of had half of it fall off your sandwich cause they serve a quarter pound sandwich and slaw on top of that. It is the biggest BBQ wich around man. Love it. Like a 5 inch bun with all that on it. Stellar. The Onion Rings are to die for, the sauce is the best thing ever. Anyway, we love it, not just for the Q but for the variety as well. Tipton's is one of the best in the area.

My only trip I got a chopped sandwich. Had to look for the meat....all bread and took a long time to get food....

I love tiptons Omg. Two of the best chefs ever work there. P & C you go boys!!!!!

One of my 3 favorite restaurants in the county! Love the burgers, and love the barbecue! Especially the pulled chicken barbecue, which is very hard to find in this area.

The absolute best food in Wilkes!!!

b-b-q is pretty good. I love the potato salad.

I have went there 3 times since i have been here 3 weeks.

First trip- perfect

2nd- cold spots in the bbq.

3rd - taste like it was super salted.

I love bbq..Tiptons is good. just seems like they could do more with what they have.

they should redo their bbq sauces. they are weak and all taste the same.

the service is awful! they could care less if you have service.the food is blah and tasteless! the most ho hum atmosphere ive ever had! totaly boring and drab!wont be back! btw, a suggestion here,if the waitress's would stop entertaining each other and pay attention to their customers ,your tips would be better!on the other hand,why bother!

now come on allysshhha. I was right next to your table that night. You were just pissed that your man kept checking out the hot staff. I heard what you said to him and then how you acted afterwards. Post a true review. best bbq in this area and as for tasteless that's one thing it is not.

Note from GoWilkes- a portion of this review was removed for personal attacks.


food was cold,bad service. watered down sauces.

Watered down sauces? Never had that there. Maybe because you like kc style sauces. I think it's some of the finest Lexington Style BBQ I have ever had. I find it comical that the people in the area think BBQ should be that KC crap. You should taste the MEAT, not the sauce. Anyway, I had a great experience, it's the only place in town that actually cooks in a pit with Hickory. The pork is delicious, the smoked chicken is the best chicken I have ever eaten, and the Ribs are soooo good

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