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Problem Downloading from Microsoft.com


Posted 7:55 pm, 03/19/2014

also try the Zune fix-it at this site.



Posted 7:52 pm, 03/19/2014

For XP service pack 3, this link worked for me. Just download the full version and install.

It is a larger download, but works.



Posted 9:40 pm, 03/17/2009

Sometimes it is easy to overlook something as simple as the date and time on your computer. These older computers can have a bad BIOS battery on the motherboard and the time will not remain set after the power is unplugged from the computer. I would start here, change the date and time accurately to the minute, then try updating again.

Try this and get back to us with the results. One thing at a time with troubleshooting.


Posted 5:34 pm, 01/12/2009

I've been able to get the file onto the desktop before through various websites, but in order to complete the process it has to access the updates website.. which is directly through download.microsoft.com...which it can't access

I tried once again though like you suggested, but put the setup on a flash drive and then onto my PC. It still had the same outcome. Thanks for trying though!


Posted 2:59 pm, 01/12/2009

usb data transfer cable ? or
or if your laptop has a cd burner burn the software to a cd and
then install it on your desk top


Posted 1:55 pm, 01/12/2009

I recently purchased a Zune 120gb and to my surprise.. I wasn't able to download the Zune software onto my big computer with all my songs and video on it. However, my laptop (which I'm on now) works just fine and downloaded the software with ease.
Everytime I try to download Zune 3.0 it tries to access download.microsoft.com and fails. Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage, Mozilla Firefox can't establish a connection with the site, Apple Safari can't connect to the website, and Google Chrome claims the link appears broken. The only solutions I've been able to find on yahoo answers and other sources have not worked.
My computer is a dell XPS operating on Windows XP SP2 (because I can't download SP3..it's from microsoft) Any help would be appreciated

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