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How to delete account

Phyllis Gault

Posted 12:22 am, 12/14/2021

I need to delete my account. I pulled up my name on google and you have my password for everyone to see.


Posted 4:51 pm, 01/02/2012

Just to make it expressly clear - deleting your GoWilkes login on the GoWilkes server will not resolve a virus issue you may have on your local client (the computer in front of you). Please reference the following for a good place to start for virus removal:



Posted 4:04 am, 01/02/2012

Set a Restore Date to the week before you created the account, i. e. a date you weren't having problems. GoWilkes isn't the problem, however this "might" isolate the real problem.

A good virus scan will probably be necessary too.


Posted 12:19 am, 01/02/2012

I'd try getting a pop-up blocker. That should help the problem. Clearing your cookies after doing that should help as well.


Posted 12:12 am, 01/02/2012

You have only had an account a little over a month. So I would think its safe to say, this website isn't your problem. Its others you may be visiting.


Posted 12:07 am, 01/02/2012

Since it was a holiday week it might take a bit longer to get a response regarding your account deletion. They might be able to assist you with deleting your account this week, but that definitely will not help you with your computer problem.


Posted 12:01 am, 01/02/2012

You're trying to get the webmaster to delete your account in the hopes that it'll fix the pc you're sitting in front of...and calling others idiots?

Expecting that a virus will be removed from your PC because you have removed your account from this site is about the same as expecting that you can cure your Irritable Bowl Syndrome by returning the unused portion of your Charmin to the Wal-Mart that you purchased it at. But hey...do what thou wilt.


Posted 11:51 pm, 01/01/2012

not simple when its already affected your computer...think you know so much to be a smart*** when thats not going to fix something already affected and just need to delete the whole thing...your purpose on here is obviously to be in everyones business.It was a SIMPLE question so if you have no solution how about not wasting your time to respond....MAKES SENSE OK SO *IGNORE* idiots like you...goodbye


Posted 11:49 pm, 01/01/2012

I've heard when you look on the p**n sites, viruses just hop right off. Mind you, I said I had HEARD this.


Posted 11:47 pm, 01/01/2012

ok chill out! Simple solution would be to stop coming to this website.


Posted 11:47 pm, 01/01/2012



Posted 11:43 pm, 01/01/2012

what does my question have to do with you needing anymore information to be so difficult to a simple post? So if you should really know its because until I created this account and started using this website my computer freezes, runs slow, and has multiple pages pop up all at once, and its never done that before. So I was just wanting to delete it all....


Posted 11:41 pm, 01/01/2012

What does having a virus got to do with deleting your account?


Posted 11:39 pm, 01/01/2012



Posted 11:38 pm, 01/01/2012

Click your heels 3 times.

Face east.

Juggle some chipmunks.


Posted 11:36 pm, 01/01/2012

Does anyone know how to delete post that you have posted on here...or delete your whole account on gowilkes? I have contacted Gowilkes, however its been about 4 days and havent gotten a response..I was wanting to delete my whole account I think I have got a virus on my computer. Thanks

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