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West Wilkes Football Vacency


Posted 12:43 am, 01/04/2020

West couldn't hire a coach by then? That's sad. Hunt didn't leave that late.. more than anything it makes West look bad in hindsight. They had a decent amount of time to hire someone.. I've seen coaches leave a week before the season before, now that's late. But.. props to Rutz for doing what he did though it's not easy. He was the right guy in the right spot, a less experienced coach woulda done worse. Honestly I think he coulda stayed on. He won the kids over and they played much better through the end of the year. If they had an easier non conference schedule they coulda won a game or two more.. Forbush and Avery are bad opponents for them right now.

West I see having a run in a few years; they weren't that bad on JV in 2019. If they had some better luck they coulda won 6 games, and I hear their middle school team wasn't bad. West just needs some continuity and a stronger internal system. Hunt let all the work his 3 predecessors go to waste.. shameful. Losing Hallock was a major blow for West, Pruitt too.

Main thing is building things up and get the kids to stay invested, they don't need to have their main kids not want to come out anymore. They need someone with HC experience, not some hotshot from a 4A school.


Posted 6:00 pm, 01/03/2020

He did what an AD should do when a coach leaves late in the game and did a solid job. Rutz is a good AD. Hopefully they will get a solid coach.


Posted 9:29 am, 01/03/2020

Heard that Rutz filled in last year since it was time to start summer workouts and the county had not hired a coach yet. Should have more time this year to interview applicants.


Posted 4:53 pm, 12/31/2019

I was hoping he would continue at West. He is a great person and great coach as well. Just a pity he stepped down.


Posted 12:55 am, 12/31/2019

Just seen the WW job was posted on the Wilkes County Schools website.. what happened to the new guy? Did the drama scene run him off or did he just have a change of heart?

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