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West Wilkes Football Coach resigns


Posted 4:12 am, 05/27/2019

Good spot for Hunt.. if Turner ever ups and leaves it could be quite a show between him and Pardue if he's still there for the HC job if they both want it.

Their non conference schedule is staying pretty easy so I think they can get a few wins there. The Forbush game will tell what they have. If they can handle Forbush's physicality they will be alright come conference time, if not it will be a rough year. Games 2-4 are quite winnable: Avery's a mess still, Bishop McGuinness is gonna be very young with not many kids, and Grayson County VA's always big and kinda slow (random matchup for sure,) they could easily go 4-0 or could be 1-3.. hard to say.

They gotta start doing more in conference play.. in order to grow the program and make the playoffs they gotta win 2-3 conference games a year. Beating Alleghany's not gonna cut it anymore.


Posted 10:04 am, 04/09/2019

Coach Hunt is now working as the offensive line coach at WC


Posted 10:00 am, 03/22/2019

I think it was time to bring in someone new and hopefully add a spark to the program..but look across the county at other programs that are not doing so well or can only beat weak teams ..these coaches are there for years with bad records before they either move on or are let go. But yeah its good to see someone new but the community and parents has to back him.


Posted 10:57 pm, 03/20/2019

Comparing West to other schools is an interesting concept. What other school in the county has West beat the last couple of years? What school in the county is the smallest and the best overall record the last couple of years? Are the parents more or less involved at East? Talent level is not down at West. You can not fool kids and kids would not play for Hunt. There was always a sideline of football players at the games who have been waiting for a new coach. I don’t know if Rutz is the right answer or not but time will tell. I hope I see a better use of timeouts, management of time, and players. Hope there is more than four offensive plays, run up the middle, sweep left, sweep right, and quarterback runnning for his life. If West uses the same old concepts, the players will quit.


Posted 5:27 am, 03/12/2019

Are things any different at West than any other school such as having parents involved in getting there kids playing time? It's not anything new I went to high school in the 70s and it happened then I'm just wondering what the solution could be. I think Coach Rutz will do great things there just let him run the program the way he wants to. West just needs talent and more kids playing.


Posted 5:46 am, 03/09/2019

So much I could say about this. Hate to see Coach Hunt go, but I wouldn't have stuck around and took the abuse he took from the Mommies and Daddies. You can't coach a bunch of whiny *** parents and kids that are Always calling the BOE to complain because little Mikie got pulled out. He started out doing the BEST he could with what he had to work with. These are not Super-Star Athletes and there are NO Pro-NFL or even College Scott's looking at your Little Mikie.


Posted 3:39 am, 03/08/2019

Rutz has probably the best thing he could ask for on him: no one's really expecting much out of the program. West hasn't had a solid freshman class in a while and no one's picking them to win anything much. It'll give him time to get things going and figured out as a result. And who knows he might actually fire the kids up which is what Hunt couldn't do much. Take that one 2013 freshman class away and he didn't do hardly anything in his tenure. He also never kept the loudmouths quiet, West does well when the community shuts up and watches the games.

Rutz has nothing to lose really.


Posted 6:14 am, 02/28/2019

Coach Rutz was a good hire. It will take a season or 2 but he will get the program going in the right direction.


Posted 8:55 pm, 02/24/2019

Rutz was picked to tow the line on the West way. The parents will dictate everything Rutz does. Bank on it.


Posted 4:10 am, 02/24/2019

Yeah it's Rutz; read the article on the Wilkes paper website.

Good luck to him it's gonna be a challenge. Seems like no one of note really wanted that job hence why it took so long. Reminds me of in the 90's when Barger left and they hired Shepard. Turned out alright then, time will tell for this guy. I liked his responses though he seems determined to change the culture there.

Said his offense would be old school run based and unconventional.. no huddle single wing?


Posted 2:43 pm, 02/18/2019

Heard Rutz is the new HFC


Posted 6:20 pm, 02/09/2019

I have not heard anything yet. I hope they choose wisely. We need a true BlackHawk not a transplant.


Posted 2:03 am, 01/10/2019

Any updates so far?


Posted 10:50 pm, 12/23/2018

Make Walsh the Head Coach.


Posted 4:17 pm, 12/23/2018

By the looks of the scores the mommy’s and daddy’s should have been coaching cause he sucked. Should have canned him sooner


Posted 10:16 am, 12/23/2018

Its because the mommies and the daddies got mad cause they couldnt do the coaching. Its the West way. You either let mommy and daddy coach or you are a horrible coach. West you will never be anything until you stop your daddy ball. The most talented kids are NOT the kids of the mommies and daddies that try to run the school. Your normal kids that you never see the parents are where the talent is at. They usually dont even try out anymore because of this. West you get what you deserve. Do yourself a favor hire a coach that has the toughness to coach and put mommy and daddy on the bank and your relationship with the kids should NOT be a friend but should be a coach/athlete relationship where the athlete does what the coach says and dont run to mommy and daddy crying.


Posted 4:26 am, 12/12/2018

He is a really decent and hard working fellow. West is a tough place to coach football just like a lot of schools. He did not have a ton of talent and to work with its a shame he decided to leave. Any school he decides to go to will be lucky to have him.


Posted 12:04 am, 12/08/2018

Liked the guy but he just wasn't the right pick for them.

He wasn't a West style kinda guy at his core. He did change his offenses up over the years which was smart on his part but he just wasn't what they needed in '13. Wasn't much of a fan of the guy before him at all but he at least got the kids to play hard consistently after his first year. Hunt never did really; he had that 1 good year in 2016 with that group of kids. They were solid on JV but they never fully peaked like they could have. The 2015 team was a disappointment we scrimmaged them and they were very underwhelming. Take away the non conference schedule the past two years they woulda been lucky to win a game. No reason for that much of a drop especially in 2017 with Ortiz.

Never forgot his first year we 7 on 7'ed them and they got rowdy because us and everyone else was beating them; guy never had the control he needed. We tried to 7 on 7 them in 2016 and they cowarded out at the last minute we quit dealing with him after that. He did it to himself.

West's a good school and hard working community they deserve better.


Posted 2:45 pm, 12/07/2018

About **** time, that coach could not control the kids at West Wilkes. He lacked a personal connection with the kids and that is a skill that is required for a High School football coach. The last game vs North Wilkes showed how much the kids respected him.


Posted 2:40 pm, 12/07/2018

Yes he did, it is about time, the kids at West deserve so much more... should have been fired years ago, was not the right fit for the Hawks

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