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Posted 12:09 am, 07/17/2012

13-14 year old boys All-Star team won district today!


Posted 9:30 pm, 07/16/2012

berriesman90...to answer your question about picking up easy wins, on the softball side, the district tends to be pretty weak year after year. As the team travels on to the state tournament, the teams are far more competitive but Wilkes as still had a lot of success over the past few years.

On the baseball side, Wilkes has been able to compete in the 9-10 division and the 11 division but Morganton is usually pretty strong in the 12 yr old division each year. It has been awhiloe since baseball has been real competitive once you make it to state if you get through district.

I fon't know much about the Junior League other than our baseball team won district, state and competed well in regionals last year. It has been a few years since the softball teams have put a team in the Jr division.


Posted 7:15 pm, 07/16/2012

The Wilkes County All Stars 8u won the state yesterday in Smithfield NC,I justed wanted to say those girls worked hard,they had 3 games and won them all I'm proud of ya'll.


Posted 1:42 pm, 07/16/2012

Girls 7-8 Coaches Pitch are STATE CHAMPS! Had to win 3 games Sunday and won them all! Congrats girls and coaches!


Posted 10:47 pm, 07/15/2012

Not to take anything away from any all star team in Wilkes but I was able to get out to watch both softball and baseball games and was very surprised by how pitiful some of the teams that both girls and boys played were. It almost seemed unfair to even say we beat them. Im not up on how sports in Wilkes goes so can anyone tell me is this normal that teams pickup such easy wins or is it usually harder fought?


Posted 10:24 pm, 07/14/2012

The Wilkes National 9-10s BASEBALL team dropped a close 8-7 decision to Steele Creek today in the opening round of the state tourney.


Posted 12:01 pm, 07/14/2012

Do the Wilkes National 9-10s BASEBALL team begin NCLL state tourney play today in Charlotte?


Posted 11:39 am, 07/12/2012

13-14 boys still haven't got a game in been rained out everyday,hoping to get one in today at 6:00 in Boone but with the rain chances it doesn't look promising!


Posted 7:09 am, 07/12/2012

Wilkes Coach Pitch American A and National A are both playing in Shelby NC next week for a State title, good luck to all of the Wilkes teams.


Posted 3:14 pm, 07/11/2012

great job, good luck to all the wilkes all star teams


Posted 1:02 am, 07/10/2012

The Wilkes National 9-10s SOFTBALL team defeated Morganton 12-1 on Monday night to win their 7th or is it 8th straight District 7 title. Congrats to these young ladies and their coaches....and to their parents/supporters also. Good Luck at the State Tourney in Forest City. The Wilkes National team will open up vs. the District 6 champion at 4 PM on Saturday, July 14. (Note: There are 6 teams in the state tournament.) Good Luck!!


Posted 6:58 pm, 07/08/2012

13-14 All Stars play their first game on July the 10th at Watagua Optimist park@6:00

Mom on the go

Posted 7:55 am, 07/08/2012

PCB, Wilkes Nat'l lost to Avery. They are out. I think the American team lost as well. Maybe someone else will confirm or correct me.

unc greatest ever

Posted 11:37 pm, 07/07/2012

the girls 10u wilkes county all-stars play for d.7 championship monday. so please give them and all wilkes county all star teams alot of support. they all have worked and played hard. so GO WILKES GIRLS & BOYS ALL STAR TEAMS


Posted 11:16 pm, 07/07/2012

Did both Wilkes teams win in Boone today? If yes, does that mean they have to play each other on Monday?

mom on the go

Posted 7:36 am, 07/07/2012

Wilkes Nat'l 11-12 lost to E.Catawba 4-3. They will play Avery this morning at Watauga Parks and Rec at 11.


Posted 1:17 am, 07/07/2012

Just heard the Wilkes American 11-12 all-star BASEBALL team was shut out at Morganton.

Did the Wilkes National 11-12s BASEBALL team win?

Any games at Memorial Park on Saturday (July 7)?


Posted 1:22 am, 07/05/2012

Wilkes American 11-12s BASEBALL will play at Morganton on Friday at 8 PM (note change of time) at Catawba Meadows Park.

unc greatest ever

Posted 9:59 pm, 07/02/2012

anyone heard of any games around wilkes this week


Posted 9:16 pm, 07/02/2012

give a yell out for the 10u wilkes county all-stars, good job girls

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