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MVAC Football 2019


Posted 11:39 pm, 08/25/2019

Ashe's line on both sides is a real weakpoint for them. When we scrimmaged them at Ashe they couldn't block the run to save their life. Peterson maybe had 10 yards vs our starters, they didn't run it at all vs East Surry.

They are just really young this year.. it happens.

If North Wilkes keep the level of play up they had on Friday they could be the surprise 2A team. I had them losing by 12 to 21 to North Forsyth but they ended up dominating them. If they go between 2-2 and 3-1 in their non con games then they could be really good.


Posted 8:45 am, 08/24/2019

Looks like Ashe dropped a turd last night and East looks horrible.


Posted 6:20 pm, 08/17/2019

That's true. But central has kids not participating that have been at summer workouts. Two in particular are Martin and Clark? Are the off the team now?


Posted 2:08 am, 08/17/2019

Ashe's #'s aren't great either. They had only around 22 or so varsity aged kids. They moved a few 10th graders up to have somewhat of a bench the other night but they had the least players out of anyone. Elkin from what I seen on clips from their scrimmage with Forbush are a little better but still not good. 24 or so on varsity and around 20 on JV.

MVAC's becoming the endurance and by attrition league. #'s are down across the board. Started with Ashe and the Wilkes schools but now it's almost everywhere. North Wilkes from what I seen has the most.. never thought I'd see that.


Posted 8:36 pm, 08/16/2019

And what happened to Clark I think his name is? I don't see him anywhere out there.


Posted 4:08 pm, 08/16/2019

Central only has around 20 players out for varsity. How is that possible? There max preps roster has twice that listed. Around 900 students and can only get 20 kids to come out. That's a problem. I see WC finishing near the bottom of the conference based on numbers alone. When you have less players than Elkin on your roster, you have questions to answer.

Ashe and Starmount will battle it out for the conference crown but yea I agree there does seem to be a lot of parity in the conference this season. Good luck to all teams.


Posted 3:55 pm, 08/16/2019

As far as Ashe is concerned. When you lose 16-17 big, starting Seniors, your going to take a hit the following year, no matter how good a " few" under classman were! PERIOD!!! They lost too many good starters to rebuild in one years time. I wish them well, but 2020 may be their year to shine again. Should be an interesting season for the MV Conference on who comes out on tip.


Posted 12:35 am, 08/16/2019

Seen Ashe tonight.. they weren't very impressive to be 100% honest.

Their QB can throw it but their WR's struggled vs North Surry to catch balls with all the starters in on both sides. They did better vs the NS bench but their O line's really young and they will have a hard time against teams with either bigger or faster kids. Their defense is down a bit from last year as well. North and East Surry passed it all over them.

I'd move them to Elkin's level honestly.. Starmount or Wilkes Central looks better on paper right now. Ashe may suprise me and turn it around but I think they will be better in 2020.


Posted 10:57 am, 08/14/2019

Woooooo the mighty Trojans are back baby! Looking to make a statement early when we knock of those greydogs in Toast. Trojans are running the MVAC this year! Bet on it!


Posted 3:38 am, 08/06/2019

They did a photo album from the first day here..

Wilkes Central has a new helmet design, first time since the Haire era their helmets aren't Green. East has black helmets which look really good. North has a lot pics, West Wilkes barely had 2.. sad.


Posted 7:08 pm, 08/04/2019

Zach does a great job. Its disappointing they didn't replace Moree when he left this putting more on Zach.


Posted 4:56 pm, 08/04/2019

Zach is a good writer. My issue is not with him.


Posted 1:53 pm, 08/04/2019

You realize when Moree left they did not replace him correct? So that put a ton more work on Zach with the sports section.


Posted 9:46 am, 08/04/2019

The baseball teams deserve attention too. But there's 4-5 articles every issue on them. High school football has started now. You could at least stop by each school and report how many kids show up and get the community excited. It's a disservice. The quality of the sports section decreased when Moree left.


Posted 11:58 pm, 08/03/2019

Yeah I agree.. used to love reading those write ups They went to every school and was fair to them even if they were good or bad. It's been all about youth baseball this year on the website.. I'm sorry but it's Football time now.

None of the combined papers have been good either (MA News, Tribune, Ripple,) been a bummer so far.


Posted 4:33 pm, 08/03/2019

Really sad that the journal patriot didn't report on the first day of practice in their Friday issue. They need moree back. I look around at all the other local papers throughout the state and they have something about their local schools football gearing up but not a peep from the journal patriot. It's always been that way.


Posted 12:01 am, 08/01/2019

Yep same one.. checked their Max Preps site the other night and it had him listed as their AD. I honestly was surprised. That's the link to it.

He wanted to go back to Starmount but there was no spot for him hence why he took the Central job.


Posted 6:44 pm, 07/31/2019

Is this the same Josh Pardue that was at Walkertown and maybe Wileks Central? Seems he moves around alot.


Posted 4:37 pm, 07/31/2019

Elkin especially Wood has a ton of pressure on them to perform. He's never really lived up to his potential since he's been there. These next 2 years will be the years he change that but easier said than done.

If they play like they did in June it may be a rougher year than they expect. I think they will be fine in MVAC play just maybe not world winners yet.

One thing of interest is Josh Pardue's Elkin's new athletic director. If Wood ever leaves I wouldn't be surprised if he takes over. It would make the Elkin and Starmount games way more interesting as he was Starmount's DC in 2014.


Posted 4:33 pm, 07/31/2019

Right now I'd put North Wilkes over Alleghany for 5th.. Max Preps has them with 24 or so Seniors which is very abnormal but great for them. Historically when you have that many seniors and size like they always have it's a sign for a good year. Their non conference schedule is very difficult though which could hurt them. They play 3 teams out the gate with solid speed or more depth, they gotta be willing to fight for those wins. If they win one or two they will be pretty good if not maybe not. D's gotta improve they were hideous last year on defense.

Alleghany's way younger on the lines. Their skill players will be their strength. If their line gets better thru the year I see them finishing higher. 2020 and 2021 especially I think they will be neck and neck with Elkin and Starmount.

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