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MVAC Baseball 2021

Old School 1951

Posted 8:14 am, 05/20/2021

I don't know but 6-0 is not a bad start. AB's not too bad, they have scored 56 and allowed 10


Posted 12:06 pm, 05/18/2021

West is nothing special this year, bad ABs, faulty fielding, don't be surprised if a team comes and gives them a run for their money, maybe Moravian Falls has something for them.

Old School 1951

Posted 7:26 am, 05/06/2021

Finally a sensible post.

West is good but I think they will get some competition. Maybe Friday


Posted 3:31 pm, 05/05/2021

I honestly do not see anyone competing with West Wilkes this year.


Posted 3:28 pm, 05/05/2021

So guys, will west Wilkes repeat again? Any ideas?

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