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Kids Signing To Play Sports in College From Wilkes


Posted 8:59 am, 12/18/2019

I tell you what boys this ol boy I know in high school could run all over anybody. I went and watched him play last week and he was lights out from the 2 point line. He had 7 dunks and 34 blocks. He is an 18 year old playing with elementary kids but he's still good. The goals are lowered to 8ft for the small kids and he can absolutely JAM!!!!!!. THE KID IS A BEAST!!!!!!. THERE WAS MANY COLLEGE COACHES WATCHING HIM PLAY ALSO!!!!!!


Posted 10:51 pm, 11/27/2019

First you obviously don't pay attention because the WJP makes sure every signing is in the paper and each school has official signings when they happen with all the pictures and what not.

Next Wilkes athletics just aren't that good. They aren't going to have major signings like some area.

3rd the coaches care more than you'll ever know.


Posted 5:33 pm, 11/24/2019

I understand where you are coming from. A coaches job is to promote every player that has the ability to play the next level. It's a privilege to make it another step. Parents also have to do their job as well. Promote your child or help your child promote himself. Do not wait on coaches to do all the work because they will not.
Let's promote some here a little. I heard Garret Vernon and Josh Pack are being looked at by Lenior Rhyne, I think Vernon is football and trackpossibly. Josh Pack is being looked at also by Emory and Henry as a nickel back but for an athlete at Lenoir Rhyne. If their are other players being looked at I would like to know. We should support all our county athletes as much as we can.


Posted 2:00 am, 11/24/2019

Your school's basketball and baseball programs are the best examples. 12 coaches ( 5 basketball, 2 baseball) with a son, daughter, niece or nephew on their team last year at WW, waiting until end of this year for a new count. It's not about little Johnny not getting to play, it's when he plays but the politics doesn't afford him the future or recognition he or she earned. Greer kid couple of years ago obviously got no help. Wasn't the big college player some thought but, was definitely one of the top offensive players in the state, ever, stats prove it. Yet coach's kids at the same time committed to schools at the same level. They were and are good players but, not the same level as Greer. Same in baseball, York, Zumbrook and Minton were on a different level. But didn't see there stats get padded by their coaches. Their physical abilities made them true D1 recruits. The coach's kids get the help and publicity (ex. Brooks conf POY but only county CO-POY ? COACH'S nomination) I know other coaches said WW had 3 other players that concerned them more, but not a coaches kid and these awards help get college coaches attention. I know in the last few years, a couple of other players from there signed to D1-D3 schools, but didn't see the full page articles on them. Probably the reason the Huffman girl left for basketball, her parents wouldn't "play the game". All 3 of those teams are coached by relatives (7 of them) guess now we know why Shumate and Brooks left years ago and why others moved there. It's also why some kids choose not to play certain sports up there every year.


Posted 8:46 pm, 11/22/2019

Why is it that you see kids from other high schools from all over the state signing letters of intent to play in college..all levels of college, but here in wilkes you hardly see anything..other schools make a huge deal out of this for their students because its a great thing to be wanted at a level above high school, so why not here? Why do you not see kids doing this with back drops of their high school behind them? I realize wilkes has some horrible and i mean HORRIBLE coaches in each sport and each school who has no idea or no interest or know how to promote kids to college coaches..And yes there are some coaches who has the ability to help kids..but i mean come on now..give any kid credit who makes it that far..its not easy to be recruited for college ball. But its Wilkes county so i guess if mommy and daddy are not booster club big wheels or daddy or mommy is helping coach or the coach is someway related to the player its just not worth taking note right?

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