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High school basketball


Posted 10:36 am, 01/25/2019

As the basketball season starts to wind down I would like to address something that should not have to be addressed if people have curtesy and good manners. But we are talking about Wilkes county. My family attend high school basketball games nearly every game because we have nephews and nieces that play but there is one big problem with basketball in Wilkes. It is the maze of people that we have to constantly weave our way through who stand idly by the doorways of the gym. We have young children and when they want a snack or a bathroom visit it is like running a gauntlet to get in and out of the gym. Rude (mostly men) just stand in the doorway and refuse to move unless we say excuse me three or four times. Anyone that has tried to hold the hand of a young child while balancing pizza and drinks at the same time can appreciate what I'm saying. If any principles or athletic directors read this, please help those of us out that come to the games and spend a nice chunk of change for admittance and food and drinks but find that we would rather walk on cactus than weave in and out of standing idle people who block the door. Thank you.

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