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Posted 9:10 am, 12/18/2019

Johnbob you should meet me a DG and we will settle this buddy.


Posted 9:10 am, 12/18/2019

RandellRandell you are dumb I know for a fact yall boys ain't worth a dang.


Posted 9:06 am, 12/18/2019



Posted 6:55 pm, 06/22/2019

Lol yall still talking about north! I agree those coaches are top notch and doing a good job. But yall are still talking about north!


Posted 6:45 pm, 06/22/2019

As a matter of fact, let's set up the meeting and I'll come too! Then we can post the outcome of that meeting on here so everyone can read the truth and not more mad parent junk. Name the date and time....


Posted 6:42 pm, 06/22/2019

I can assure you I'm at as many or more team sports as you are. I'll be glad to introduce myself next time we run into each other at one. Again, we screen names dont hide all. What you dont know obviously is that coach Chipman was not ran off at all. He chose to step back due to parent complaints and accusations like yours! I do know for a fact and from recent experience that coach Chipman and the head coach still work closely together to help the players and the program. I also know that the head coach would be glad to have him back if he chose to do so. It seems that you summed it up yourself by saying "No matter the level or sport when the team is winning the players get the credit and when the team is losing the head coach gets the blame." You're blaming the coach for last season's record. Youre not giving credit for the fact that they now have won several games each year and are competing with all teams in the conference. Are they at the top yet? No. But they're not the laughing jokes of the conference anymore. As said before, if you want to know so much go meet with them yourself and the admin. I'll bet we all hear less of you then once you can make up more crap to put on here and little Johnny's unhappy parent is out in the open.


Posted 10:52 am, 06/20/2019

Chipman is the coach who was run off. Mom do you even know who the head coach is? I guess not. From what I was told the players want him to be the head coach. But the head coach wanted him gone and used BBQ dad to do it. You must not have been around many team sports. No matter the level or sport when the team is winning the players get the credit and when the team is losing the head coach gets the blame.


Posted 7:29 pm, 06/02/2019

And North, dont even get me started. Its a love hate relationship, it truly is.


Posted 7:28 pm, 06/02/2019

I completely agree Wishy. The Waddell kid who transferred a few years ago put Central back at the top for that year and helped them compete but he was a West High bred kid and Brooks has also helped them remain relevant and truth be known he was a West High bred kid also in a different way so otherwise Central would have been in the dog house now for several years if not for those to changing schools. I am not sure what has happened to Central but it looks like their baseball run is gonna be over for the next decade. I just dont see it happening. It has collapsed completely.


Posted 11:49 pm, 06/01/2019

With baseball it comes down to the middle school program. As I said earlier, when my son played at WWMS, Coach Miles worked them on fundamentals & situations every day. Always reminded the parents also, he wanted to win but, making the kids better would allow them to win at the High School level and they would remember that best. Also improve their chance of playing in college if they wanted. Coach Ward should be thanking him for his 3 titles in a row, that’s the kids Coach Miles had.
Football requires the HS coach to adjust to the abilities the players grow or don’t grow into. Coach Chapman adjust almost every year. That’s part of what makes him so good. Any struggles North has is with overall talent #’s. Rarely see them have more than 5 good players in any male sports at 1 time.
Girl’s sports there are different. Often have numerous good athletes in volleyball & basketball, they have the records to show it also. You can’t expect the boy’s sports there to be as consistent as the other 3 schools.
WC should be disappointed any year they aren’t top 2 in every sport just due to their numbers. They’re lacking good coaching in some of their sports and it shows when player #’s are down for certain sports. Boys would’ve struggled in basketball & baseball last several years if not for transfer coming in from West & East.


Posted 10:47 pm, 06/01/2019

Exactly right there! Hes done a great job winning games year in and year out. If you look at maxpreps, both the football and baseball programs have won considerably more each year on average than they have in the past. That was my point. Coaches there are doing a great job there and have well respected teams every year. Win or lose they will compete and not to be overlooked anymore.


Posted 6:46 pm, 06/01/2019

I agree with most of that but for football people that actually know. North Wilkes Football used to never win a ball game every year and be terrible. Coach Chipman has changed that program and brought them from the bottom and has led them to compete with teams. Winning the Conference Championship in 2013 and then finishing in the top 4 of the conference in 2 or 3 of the years. They were weak last year but will be very improved this year. I don’t care what anyone says Coach Chipman is a great coach maybe the best in Wilkes County and North Wilkes is glad to have him.


Posted 11:45 am, 05/31/2019

The "pathetic" thing is people that think and act like that you are. What's next? Football 5-6 and 1-6? Basketball 11-14 and 7-7? Clean house there too? Maybe just maybe it's not all the coaches! Stop whining and start working to improve.


Posted 11:24 am, 05/31/2019

Again....all the coaches faults that your kids cant play lol. I'm sure that all those coaches tell you kids not to hit, not to field the ball, not to run fast, or whatever. Like I said, we'd be glad to have them on staff! Get over your beef and get to work to improve. If the players can hit, field, or pitch, theyll be able to be on the field.


Posted 9:46 am, 05/31/2019

2-12 2-20 pathetic
4-10 6-15 pathetic

Sounds like to me both programs need new coaches. Clean house and start over. Both will never be able to compete with the other 3 county programs until a serious set of committed coaches are in place. Right now, no commitment only coaches going through the motions.


Posted 11:53 pm, 05/24/2019

I know timing adjustments with pitchers seem harder in baseball also. WW 1-2 hitters and bottom 1/2 of line up seemed to hit the slower pitchers better than the middle order guys. Then 3,4,5 hit the faster pitching better than everyone else.
It maybe that most HS softball pitchers throw at speeds ranging closer together with each other, I dk. I also dk if softball has the same trouble with a lefty pitcher as baseball does. In our last game, Becker (ECU committ) is a mid to upper 80’s lefty. Miles looked relaxed & had a solid hit against him. The rest of us looked uncomfortable. Dk why he was more comfortable than rest but, got a couple more hits off him but, didn’t look easy doing it. The righty (Pfieffer committ) came in and our hitters looked more relaxed but, couldn’t hit him. A good lefty on the mound is worth his weight in gold in baseball. HS hitters just don’t see many. A fact that helps understand Ledford’s success and hopefully Lambert’s return.


Posted 11:25 pm, 05/24/2019

Any schools in Wilkes has their best chance, at a State Title in softball and baseball. In both sports 1 position can carry your team, game in and game out. Softball is easier bc 1 pitcher can go every game if needed. Baseball is tougher bc you need more than 1 quality pitcher. They have no chance in football, NONE ! Basketball is slightly better chance than football. Girls have a better chance than boys in basketball, again bc 1-2 girls can carry you every game, especially 1 good inside player. Boys will eventually face teams with 3-5 good players.
If we could have thrown Skylar every pitch every game, the way a softball pitcher can throw, our odds would have been better. Then baseball seems to be able to pitch around players better also. So in softball your better hitters seem to stay more consistent than baseball hitters. So softball is their best shot at a Title


Posted 3:43 pm, 05/24/2019

2-12 2-20 pathetic


Posted 9:23 am, 05/24/2019

If you are going by PERFECT GAME VELO #s They are 3-4 MPG faster than any gun made .. But they do that for a Reason..... BIG TIME MONEY RACKET!!!! So whatever # you get from there take off 3 mPG.. for good measure .


Posted 12:00 am, 05/24/2019

WW 1st 3 batters probably walked over 50 times together this year. A lot of throwers in conference, not pitchers and only Skylar was overpowering. Saw plenty in the low 80’s but 78-82 should be batting practice for a good high school team. Saw 5 pitchers in the 85-88 range, 3 maybe 4 out of conf and then Skylar. Helped prepare for conf. Would have been nice to see that near end of regular season to get ready for State. But, no team can have a chance at a title without 3 above avg pitchers at any level, bc of pitch counts. Then it all comes down to who you draw & when. Most of the time the #1 will throw early week in state. If you can limit their pitches like Mt Pleasant did to us last yr, you can bring him back late week. Hopefully then the other team runs out of pitching. I think other the other factors limit the chances of a school around here making the long run it would take for a state title.

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