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Posted 11:53 pm, 05/24/2019

I know timing adjustments with pitchers seem harder in baseball also. WW 1-2 hitters and bottom 1/2 of line up seemed to hit the slower pitchers better than the middle order guys. Then 3,4,5 hit the faster pitching better than everyone else.
It maybe that most HS softball pitchers throw at speeds ranging closer together with each other, I dk. I also dk if softball has the same trouble with a lefty pitcher as baseball does. In our last game, Becker (ECU committ) is a mid to upper 80’s lefty. Miles looked relaxed & had a solid hit against him. The rest of us looked uncomfortable. Dk why he was more comfortable than rest but, got a couple more hits off him but, didn’t look easy doing it. The righty (Pfieffer committ) came in and our hitters looked more relaxed but, couldn’t hit him. A good lefty on the mound is worth his weight in gold in baseball. HS hitters just don’t see many. A fact that helps understand Ledford’s success and hopefully Lambert’s return.


Posted 11:25 pm, 05/24/2019

Any schools in Wilkes has their best chance, at a State Title in softball and baseball. In both sports 1 position can carry your team, game in and game out. Softball is easier bc 1 pitcher can go every game if needed. Baseball is tougher bc you need more than 1 quality pitcher. They have no chance in football, NONE ! Basketball is slightly better chance than football. Girls have a better chance than boys in basketball, again bc 1-2 girls can carry you every game, especially 1 good inside player. Boys will eventually face teams with 3-5 good players.
If we could have thrown Skylar every pitch every game, the way a softball pitcher can throw, our odds would have been better. Then baseball seems to be able to pitch around players better also. So in softball your better hitters seem to stay more consistent than baseball hitters. So softball is their best shot at a Title


Posted 3:43 pm, 05/24/2019

2-12 2-20 pathetic


Posted 9:23 am, 05/24/2019

If you are going by PERFECT GAME VELO #s They are 3-4 MPG faster than any gun made .. But they do that for a Reason..... BIG TIME MONEY RACKET!!!! So whatever # you get from there take off 3 mPG.. for good measure .


Posted 12:00 am, 05/24/2019

WW 1st 3 batters probably walked over 50 times together this year. A lot of throwers in conference, not pitchers and only Skylar was overpowering. Saw plenty in the low 80’s but 78-82 should be batting practice for a good high school team. Saw 5 pitchers in the 85-88 range, 3 maybe 4 out of conf and then Skylar. Helped prepare for conf. Would have been nice to see that near end of regular season to get ready for State. But, no team can have a chance at a title without 3 above avg pitchers at any level, bc of pitch counts. Then it all comes down to who you draw & when. Most of the time the #1 will throw early week in state. If you can limit their pitches like Mt Pleasant did to us last yr, you can bring him back late week. Hopefully then the other team runs out of pitching. I think other the other factors limit the chances of a school around here making the long run it would take for a state title.


Posted 9:13 pm, 05/23/2019

Wilson’s Max fastball in Atlanta last summer was 92, last September it was 89. Smith is estimated but, he throws harder than Dezern who topped at 76 in August of 2017. D***on for WW is faster than Ledford who topped at 81 vs us this yr on college coach’s gun(Ledford a better PITCHER). Ashe coach said Bare sat 81-83 vs us this yr and was told Lambert hit 85 at last years State Games workouts. Same workouts had WC Adams at 85. Kenner for ES hit 90 in January, not close to Brooks at 94 last summer and 93 on pro guns this season. Those speeds were independently gunned, look them up.
The deference as I said is movement. Then control. There’s more to being successful on the mound than a fastball, ask Greg Maddox.
I can’t think of a 1A besides WW in this area to get a State Title. Don’t know of a 2A that has but, can’t say there won’t be in the future.


Posted 11:30 am, 05/23/2019

Blunders you are a joke so keep your mouth shut about the kids velo.


Posted 8:06 am, 05/23/2019

LOL!! Like many many many others your Velo #s are very very OFF!!! Absolutely no one from Starmount did hit 80 … Ledford Maybe a MAX pitch of 82 but stayed in the upper 70s. Wilson from East Surry has never hit 90 even as a max pitch.. Hes in the mid 80s..... The other ES kid is fast like Skylar but also committed to Wake Forest.. BLINDERS true Statement!!! BLIND


Posted 3:15 pm, 05/22/2019

I see you really don’t know what you’re talking about now. WC. S. Brooks, E. Adams, A. Minton > Ashe Z. Bare > Starmount. D. Smith > East T. Lambert > West J. D***on, R. Ledford. All sat 80-84 with Brooks touching 90 when he wanted. Velocity is easy to hit with no movement or control of another off speed pitch. Brooks didn’t have his best off speed at home vs WW and they got 4 or 5 off of him.
1A East Surry proves, with 2 pitchers sitting in low 90’s they lost in the 4th rd, it’s hard to get to the championship series at any level. That’s why pro’s have more than a 97-100 mph fastball.
Conference was down we, all agree but, any team can go on a run. West did it as a 2A in ‘87 again in 1A in ‘10. West this yr had a good chance if they had gotten by North Davidson.


Posted 8:11 am, 05/22/2019

There will never be a 2a state Champ in baseball out of the MVAC. 2 consistently 80 plus MPG pitchers in the conference this year and one got hurt..


Posted 10:17 am, 05/18/2019

mommom you are correct! This is exactly what's wrong here! Unfortunately it's a small few that act like this and give us a bad rep. Gobigbluego has given away who they are to anyone that's been around north. They are unhappy because their little johnny didnt get what he wanted (or what parents wanted). Be glad the situation was what it was because otherwise he may not have even made the team to begin with. Posting inaccurate stuff about players, parents, and situations you obviously know little about just shows your character and personal agenda. If you're so unhappy then leave. Oh but then what happens if johnny didnt play where and when he wanted somewhere else? Coaches fault again? Get johnny to work hard, fight through tough times, and good things will happen in the future.


Posted 3:17 pm, 05/17/2019

You folks are exactly what's wrong with that place! Coach was paid off, kids don't play where they want, coach fussed at the kids, kids don't play because they don't like the coach. WOW! I'm sure other coaches let players play wherever and never raise their voices. Hope that mess don't spread to this side of the county! Pretty sure a former coach just won the conference at current school but never was a part of more than a few wins there. Maybe not the coaching after all???


Posted 2:56 pm, 05/17/2019

Wow, GOBIGBLUEGO, it seems I do know much more about this situation than you do. And so do most others that have a clue about things here. You and whomever obviously are jaded for whatever reason. Your and their accusations are insane even by gowilkes standards lol. Maybe you should go see that parent, the coach, the one that stepped down, and the administration to get your stories straight. Probably not that brave is my guess.


Posted 1:54 pm, 05/17/2019

SBMOM take this for what it is worth. I talked to one kid who plays on the team and several parents who have kids on the team. So I can not say for 100% but this is what I was told. BBQ Club is a group of dads who cook the chicken and pork chops when they have fund raisers. These dads also come and watch every practice. If you want your kid to get playing time it helps if you are in the BBQ Club. Now, there was one kid who played JV last year but no JV team this year. So the was on the bench for 4 or 5 games. His dad made a $5,000 contribution to the program, as a tax write off for his business. The next game and the rest of the season the kid was a starter. Now, the coach that did not coach all season had several disagreements with the head coach over the season about different kids playing time and kids playing out of position. The head coach did not like being called on the carpet. The head coach went to one of the BBQ dads and said does your kid want to be a starting pitcher next year and play on days he does not pitch. The dad said yes. The dad was told to go to the athletic director and principal. The coach had called the players out one game in the dugout for playing selfishly and not as a team. The dad went to the principal and said little Johnny was cussed out by the coach. The coach was told he could not be in the dugout anymore so he quit. There were several seniors who did not play and every one of them said they did not like the head coach so they were not going to play. Several of the freshmen who played last year in middle school said they did not like what they had been told about the head coach so they did not play this year. One kid even transferred schools so he can play next year not knowing if there will be a JV team again next year. I know stuff goes on at every school and kids play over kids just cause of daddy ball. From what I was told the head coach has lost the dugout and the program is going down the toilet fast. 6-15 this year is not good. One win they were given credit for they lost the game but since the Virginia team had not started its season yet the lost counted as a win. And 4-10 in the conference is bad. For the sake of the program a new coach is needed.


Posted 2:49 am, 05/17/2019

Great season for West High baseball. I for one really enjoyed watching them this season. They made a lot of great plays along the way and also the routine plays which they needed to make. Even though there season ended Tuesday I hope all those kids can look back on this season and give each other a pat on the back soon. Best of luck next season and have a safe and great summer.


Posted 11:11 pm, 05/16/2019

Best of all, great group of young men. I have watched these guys for years. Miles, Lackey, Huffman, Hamilton were seniors who worked hard on their on for years. Stotler, Ledford, Church, & Stone were juniors & sophomores who are following their lead. Most of all they wanted each other to succeed because they truly cared for each other.
When my son was on the middle school team with the jr & seniors, he said those boys pulled for him harder than I did. They were coached then to be that way & to learn the fundamentals of the game. We were told as parents by Coach Miles then, that was what he focused on, not winning and at the high school they would win. He was right!
My son doesn’t play anymore but, when I saw how he was upset for them, it meant more. He knows what they had gone through to get there. Kids see through the BS.
Good luck to the seniors, you should be very proud of all that you have accomplished !


Posted 10:47 pm, 05/16/2019

Third rd of state was pretty good, dk how North Davidson is only an 11 seed. Blinders is rt WC had most pitching returning in conference by far. East caught a bad break when Lambert went down & Starmount seemed confused. WW beat good 3A teams & competed with West Forsyth who may win the West 4A.
Miles carried us in several gms, knocked the cover off the ball for a great senior year (All State?). Saved infield probably 20-30 errors on throws. My son said it earned him 2 offers. Stotler was solid overall just like last year (All State?) Ledford just kept winning in dominate fashion (All State?) Church got hot late in conf with the bat and Lackey was best lead off I saw, also a great senior year (Going to Pfieffer).
Mastin (soph) & Johnson (fresh) we’re moved up for pitching & spot positions. Weren’t expected to contribute this year, D***on (Jr) was expected to be the #3 starter or bull pen. McCoy, lost for non baseball reasons unexpectedly.


Posted 10:15 pm, 05/16/2019

Likitis, no one had them over WC and most had Starmount 2nd. WW had 1 pitcher coming back, no one had them winning it with 1 pitcher. WC was a major let down this year with most players but Koon. I stopped going after they seemed to quit vs West Forsyth.
WW lost 2 of 3 main pitchers to graduation & dk what happened to McCoy who would’ve been their #2. No one expected a soph, a fresh, and a junior to step up like they did on the mound. Saw them several times Stotler, Church hit well & Miles could hv been POY & probably deserved it, if not for Brooks being so talented.
I’m a WC guy but, their players stepped up. Yes conf was weak but, looks like wishy showed they competed well in non conf. I go by the eye test, they were good, just didn’t hit Tuesday night and nerves got to them in the field.
How many of their games did you see?


Posted 1:18 pm, 05/16/2019

Everyone had them winning this conference.. Who didn't .. Like I said VERY VERY WEAK Conference... Next year will be worse and they will win next year also <>….. BUT NO PLAYOFF RUNS EXCEPT IN 1A possible


Posted 12:26 am, 05/15/2019

WW season ends 4-0 to very good North Davidson team. Amazing year, no one had them in top 2 of conference & they go 17-0 to win reg season & tournament championships. 4 Seniors go out winning 30 consecutive gms vs conf opponents and 44-9 overall.

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