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Posted 12:51 pm, 04/17/2019

Asking neighbors kid what's going on? Sounds like someone else has the issues maybe? Not too long ago nw was an easy win for us and most other conference teams. Dont know much but I do know they are no pushover the past few years and any team around will say that. Those coaches helped tremendously with finding my son a place to play in college and the college coaches speak highly of them. You folks should be glad you have them and support them, not some mad parents or players that quit. If they can hit, field, and pitch they'll be on the field. If not, theyll be on here bashing coaches. Same story, every school, every sport. We would gladly add them to our team of coaches!


Posted 9:32 am, 04/17/2019

Gobigbluego, i have a daughter that plays softball at north and know personally the entire situation there. If you really want to know what the coach is like you should ask some that played for them in the past and stuck it out. Early graduation, missed practices, and lifes circumstances played roles for all of them as well. Age doesnt matter to the coach as it shouldn't. As for the freshmen, focusing on basketball, being inelligable, and 1 is playing still. Nothing on the school or coach there. Playing time is based on talent and work ethic. We are lucky to have a coach here that doesnt play the daddy ball or political stuff. With 5 sophomores starting, and the fact that they have played even the best teams down to the wire, I'd say the future is bright for north. I know of a couple other schools that would love to have our coach on their staff and if we're not careful that could happen! The principal and AD are not there to please the parents or the kids by giving them what they want when they whine about the coach being hard on them or holding them to high standards. Their job is to hire the best teacher and coach to push them to be their best and educate them, and that's exactly what we have here. We've already lost good coaches because of those type things and it needs to end.


Posted 7:53 am, 04/17/2019

123 thanks for the info. I had been told different by my neighbor's kid who plays. So I asked him for more details and I also know several parents of the team, who I went to school with and asked them also. One Sr did graduate early and did not play but when asked he said he did not want to play for the coach. There are four other Srs who did not play cause they said they do not want to play for the coach. The Frs who played at middle school last year and did not play this year (only one on the team) said they were not playing cause they did not want to play for the coach. This is what I was told by multiple people, if it is true looks like the AD and Principal might want to look into this.


Posted 12:08 pm, 04/12/2019

Just not any kids coming out as freshmen this year. Everyone who finished the season last year and is a senior is playing this year with the exception of one kid who graduated early.


Posted 11:27 am, 04/12/2019

Thanks for the update. I saw where West was able to do the 3 day sweep.

I wonder why the numbers are down at North. I was told they do not have a JV program and that 5 or 6 seniors (who have played for years) did not play this year. I just wonder what is going on.


Posted 2:26 pm, 04/10/2019

Best 2 teams (WC & WW) will play tonight. West has a 2 gm lead for 1st place but 3 gms in 3 days may catch up to them. S. Brooks is starting to warm up his bat and I’ve seen Miles for WW is tearing it up. West pitching must be better than I thought and ours has been a let down.
Numbers are down at North is the reason for no JV team. Sad good coaches are there & keeping games close. Injuries has hampered East


Posted 11:36 am, 04/08/2019

I have two questions. At this point in the season who is leading the standings? And why does North not have a JV program?


Posted 6:12 am, 02/28/2019

That's a good overall report binders.


Posted 1:21 am, 02/26/2019

4 teams will battle at the top WC, WW, Starmount, EW. NW May have an upset here and there but is middle of the pack. Elkin, Ashe, & Alleghany fight to stay out of last. Great thing about high school sports, dk who has grown the most or worked the most in the off season til they get started.
But WC & WW return best defense, WC solid up the middle with S. Brooks head & shoulders above all at SS. WW 1b & 2b ( Miles & Lackey) 3b (Stotler ) returning best gloves at their position in conf. EW lost their best gloves but return top full time catcher ( Howell) Starmount was shaky last year & NW lost all their top gloves. Bottom 3 are weak at majority of positions.
Naturally pitching decides it, WC has best depth ( Adams, N.Johnson, Brooks, Lakey, H.Johnson) Starmount 2 solid returning ( Dezern & Wiles) WW ( Ledford ) EW ( Lambert )


Posted 8:46 pm, 02/25/2019

Which High School Baseball teams will be good.

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