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Woodhaven Family Restaurant
(34 reviews)

Specialty: Country Cooking

1301 West D Street
North Wilkesboro, NC 28659

Menu Online: No
Kids Menu Available: Yes

Mon-Thurs 7am-8pm
Fri-Sat 7am-9pm
Sun 7am-3pm
Price Range:
Not Entered

We accept:

Serves Homestyle meals- breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We now serve whitefish, flounder, and steaks every day. Open Sundays until 3pm.

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food is garbage, service is fair at best. they don't keep veggie and salad bar fresh or clean. spoons in veggies are caked with dry food allover. Coffee house own so go figure!

I think that some of these reviews are old. They seem to be talking about old wait staff and old managers and cooks. Things have changed and everyone does a good good here and the food is very good and I give it 4 stars

I eat here at least once a week good staff at lunch!Food i get is always good.I read what ppl put on here an just dont see what some of them comment about green beans from a can if u eat them home were do u get them from a can 99% of ppl do.Then they say we wait for ever to get food an some times thats the case but they get busy but them girls run there butts off thank lisa! an an it got better daivd left an jeff got manger!

Went there Monday for lunch, I sat and sat there. Two waitresses looked over toward me but never came over to take my order. Then two gentlemen who seemed to be "regulars" came in and the waitress went to them to take their order immediately, so I got up and walked out.

Good food nice people if ur not rude to them everyone makes mistakes

I was their once,and never went back.we now go to the new HILL TOP,good food and service. and you can take that to the bank....!!

Prior till about mid May this year, 2014 , Friday night whitefish was great. Now, the coleslaw tastes like it was soured and then added something, bell peeper?, . One waitress rude and very hateful, especially to be so young. The cook looks at you and rolls his eyes up when he sees more people coming in. The portion size has gotten smaller and the fish is either overcooked or slightly under. The salad bar attendant needs to watch mixing more fresh with the old items. Some of the cold peas looked rancid that were on the bar.

They served my wife the wrong food and served me spoiled food. That's unforgivable.

The place is nasty. The tables are nasty the chairs are nasty the floor is black. However all thats could be fixed is they would take the time and clean. I know the people who service there floors. And they do a wonderful job. But holly mtn dont want to spend any money so its not done very often. If the. Floors stayed clean more often the overall loo would be much better

Great food....great waitress.Would go back again.

Nasty, never go back. others are right the Manager is very rude and service is awful, food is awful. Been three times just to make sure. Enough for me, I have no idea how they stay open.

the best fish and barbque in town and blake works there and we have be friends for 22 years way to go

Me and my husband went there for breakfast, lets just say we didnt finish our food. The hashbrowns were over cooked and very greasy, the prices were defenently high for the quality. We will not be back there....

Great food there :D

same owner as coffee house.....so there is ya answer!

Great Food! Great Service! Love the Salad Bar, Goodwill Burgers! OOOOh I would love to have one now!

Luv the food,great service and great ppl.Though sometimes they may run slow due to increase of ppl around.But the food is worth the wait.... :)

Glad this place serves the old Goodwill burgers. Harder and harder to find. We usually just get a few of them to go, get them in a hurry, pay and leave. No problems yet.

I tried Woodhaven a couple of years ago and was very disappointed. However, I gave it a second chance about a year ago and it's become one of my local favorites. I love their salad bar and homemade soups. On Thursday after 4 they have an all you can eat spaghetti and salad buffet for $5.99. The salad bar alone is worth that. I also tried their weekend breakfast buffet and it was great with everything from country ham to apple butter. Their tenderloin is the most tender I've ever eaten.

Not very good, but what do you expect for CHEAP meals!

My husband and I ate here one day for an early lunch. I ordered a Western omelette. What came to the table was a thin fried egg mixture which the cook stuffed with ham, peppers and onions and then rolled up. It tasted synthetic. Truly one of the most confusing omelettes I've seen in my lifetime. My husband's meal as mediocre. I'd find another place to eat rather than stop here. We won't be back.

my Family eats there often. We love the salad bar, and wow, the homemade desserts are a special treat! They have something for everyones taste, Their staff is friendly and strives to please, the food is good, the sanitation rateing is excellant, a nice addition to hometown business> Thanks, David , Kathy and staff!

If you like mud pies, Then this is the place for you !

sat at table for over an hour with out food

service sux ! assitanct manager is very rude! weve eaten there a couple of times,the last time was the worst! wont be back!!!!! Hey Girlies, wash those hands!yuk!!!

My girlfriend and I had heard good things so on a chance we took some friends from out of town. The service was horrible from the start. Looking over the menu I ordered the chicken fired steak with green beans and mashed potatoes. When it finally got to my seat I was a little taken back by the ?Salisbury steak? looking meat on the plate. and when I ask the waitress how the green beans were prepared?no lie she looked me in the eye and said ?from a can?

Below average at best.

Me and my son went here for a late breakfast one friday waited almost 40min for food ,manager/owner guy finally went back to get it ,came out 15 min later food was barely warm a womans long hair in my sons gravy, just got up paid my bill to the manager /owner guy that acted like everything was just fine. WOODHAVEN WILL NEVER GET ANY MORE OF MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only thing worth eating in the place was at the salad bar. Haven't been in almost 6 months due to the lousy food. Take grade A food and turn it into "tish" before it passes thru the human body.

too expensive and yes i have seen roaches on the walls

i agree with most of the reviews me and my husband went there a few times not going back, the shrimp was not cooked ,the flounder tasted old bad fishey taste,,he also told the people about it when he paid the bill,never said anything about it much,so i dont see how they get many people to eat there,my daughter also ate there she never liked it either, not going back


YUCK, Gave this place 3 opportunities, all 3 were disasters.... YUCK


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