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Sagebrush Steakhouse & Saloon
(26 reviews)

Specialty: Burgers, Chicken, Steakhouse

1302 Collegiate Drive
Wilkesboro, NC 28697

(336) 838-2122


Menu Online: View
Kids Menu Available: Yes

Sun. thru Thurs: 11am til 10pm
Fri. & Sat: 11am til 11pm
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American Express

Our steaks are cut fresh daily. Our meals are cold and over cooked.Open for lunch & dinner 7 days a week. Contact us about using our meeting room.

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Horrible place to eat i give them a try every few months to see if they change. They dont. The baked potatoes and rice are over cooked its obvious they make them in bulk and let them sit under a warmer instead of even ATTEMPTING to make them fresh. While i'll take blame for getting fish at a steak house.... the fish was dry the burbon sauce was gross. And let's be honest i got fish there because for 15$ i figured they would be a higher end eatery and take pride in it even if it is fish at a steak out. The portion size was tiny as well. pretty much to sum it up i'm a HORRIBLE cook, but i could have went to food lion got everything and made a better meal for 1/2 the price. I should have known nothing would chance since the are STILL remodeling the front. it's been over a year since i went there last....for real take some freaking pride in your buisness or sell it to someone who will.

Horrible food even worse service. NEVER AGAIN!

Great food, great service, reasonable prices; what more could we customers ask?

Went on a Sunday around 2pm and service was terribly slow. Didn't bring our rolls. Waitress got uppity when asked about our to-go order. No tea refills. Waited forever for the check and to-go order. Food was good but the service was crap. No tip left. Not a chance.

Go on Monday when they are dead for 99 cent margaritas. Try the Buffalo Chicken Texas Salad it is my favorite thing on their menu.

Went there this past Sunday. 7 or 8 people standing around up front waiting on tables. Went to restroom while I was waiting and saw many empty tables all over the restaurant, Told them to take my name off list and left. Will not be back

shouldn't mater who is cooking! food should be the same everytime! ordered 2 hamburger staeks and the were raw. Wish I could post pic of them

Ordered chicken Teriyaki with cowboy potatoes and got two dry flat chicken breasts covered in cheese, bacon, teriyaki sauce, and pineapples and a little bowl of cold potatoes with cold shredded cheese, bacon, and green onions.. Chef needs to have his had examined if he thought either of those dishes were acceptable..

Horrible food and even worse service. Fillets were to tough to eat.

Great food. Great service. Enjoy eating there all the time.

We used to frequent Sagebrush in Asheboro and it was great. This location leaves a lot to be desired. They stopped serving peanuts, but that is something I could overlook if everything else would have been okay. My husband's steak, ordered medium rare was raw and still cold in the center. The outside had no char at all, looked like it had been thrown in a frying pan for a couple of seconds. Sent it back and it is exactly the same, only I noticed the little cup of sauce on the plate was steaming. That's because it was taken back and popped into the microwave. Our ticket was brought to us with our entrees. I'm not sure about everyone else but I want my ticket when it has been determined I am finished with my meal. My hamburger steak was perfect but the onions and peppers were fresh and raw, no sautee at all.

I went tonight the service was great as well as the food was, Thumbs Up

Called about the special, but they did not honor it for take out..Poor customer service, big disappointment. Liked the one is Va. was run much better.

food sucked so did service

LOL service is slow im sure when you go on a weekend and the place is on a wait stop with all the cryin if you dont like the place jst dnt go bck. Myself i thnk the food is good and dependin on who's cookin that night the food is great.

Quality and service have gone WAY down hill over the last several months. I've gone 3 times in the last 5 or 6 months, and each time it's just gotten worse. I don't plan to go back again.

Steaks have been tough and chewy, so I think they're frozen. Chicken tenders are OK, if they don't overcook them. Gravy is like water. Even the desserts have been dry, like they've been in the freezer for too long.

Salads are actually better than before. Cheddar biscuits are good and buttery, even though I do miss the loaf bread they used to have. That's not the local Sagebrush's fault, though, so I don't blame them for that.

I ate there for lunch last week and the food was horrible! The portions had decreased and quality was poor.

food is good service is not

great salad bar. and server was so polite. great atmospher.

Quality has really went downhill. Went there for lunch. Had to wait 40 minutes just to get our food and when it arrived it was barely warm and the chicken was dry and tough. I didn't have another 40 minutes to get it replaced. Don't recommend. I don't plan on returning.

Went there for the first time a few months ago, terrible terrible food and service. Figured it was a bad night, so I went back again... will NEVER go back again. Still the same terrible FATTY prime rib, dried out potatoes, dried out mushrooms. I ordered the same exact plate both times. So, if you want good food and good service, I highly recommend the SAGEBRUSH in BOONE, NC.

Enjoy the lunch specials but the service is so slow. Impossible to get a water refill and the waiter seems to have a chip on his shoulder. The manager seems nice but they need more wait staff.

Service was ok, My steak was terrible, it was very over cooked, sent it back and the next one was the same way. I have been there 3 times and it was the same way every time. I will never go back again.

you never order a take out that is correct. You call back and inform manager about the service/food and the only thing you get is a discount when you go back. DUH

have been a long time patron at Sagebrush, have had some problems in the past, but it was always taken care of. Been back recently and service was great, food was excellent, and apparently Tina is the new General Manager, Hope is gone. Everything was great, and they had plenty of servers to take care of the business.Great job!


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