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Mama Zoes Seafood Shack
(52 reviews)

Specialty: Seafood

1200 Central Street
closed period
Wilkesboro, NC 28697

Menu Online: View
Kids Menu Available: No

CLOSED MONDAYS Sunday through Thursday 11 am - 9 pm
Friday & Saturday 11 am - 10 pm
For 15 persons or more

Price Range:

We serve:

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American Express

Seafood, Country Cooking, Spirits, Sugar Shack & Gifts

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I went there for lunch or dinner 2-3 times a week for the first 4 months it was open and loved it. Now food sucks and service is even worse.

Today I had my Family Christmas Dinner here. What a failure, the lady put us at 4 tables back to back where we could not even communicate. The lady said she had given us all a ranch and some kind of vinegar dressing each for the salad. No, I said want what they want. Then she asked about when to start the crab pots, I said no, we had no way to share sitting at so many different tables. Then the dessert, partly was key lime pie so rancid. Banana pudding without one single banana. I tried to talk to the owner and come to find out, is the lady that says she never has complaints with large groups. I asked her if she read Gowilkes, she said those are just losers from the area that don't have anything better to do. I laid down $500 there today to be treated like this. Just thought some of you and us losers would appreciate this.

Very high prices for this low employment area. Can't afford to go there.

Me and my family of five went there to give them another chance, when our food finally got the after sending half back to be reheated for who knows how many times. yea the portions are nice but if its not edible then whats the point, those who did get there food was complaining of stomach akes before we left, TOO MUCH GREASE, OLD GREASE AT THAT!! and i will spend my money at long johns before i go back to momma Z's.

Note from GoWilkes: a portion of this review was removed for libel.

I enjoy the food there!

New owners never eaten any better food. Try the spaghetti,philly cheese steak salad. All the hostess,servers and employees are really friendly.

I love the food at MaMa Zoes the spaghetti,baked,meat sauce, and greek is great. Great flounder,garlic bashed potatoes,Country fried steak,good hush puppies. I give this four stars, and the new owners are great not saying the previous weren't. Way to go Zoes

Great food i loved it

as I see my previous review was removed for Libel, well I wasn't doing anything but stating a fact. I think their under new management, but they are still being ran by Zoe and the group from Winston, only they got rid of the one manager who was in the front always, JoJo. I know this to be a fact because every customer who had a complaint could NOT get her to do anything about it. I hope there new manager's realize that when someone receives a cold baked potato, you send it back to the kitchen and get a new hot potato!

Note from GoWilkes: a portion of this review was removed for libel (again). Further, please restrict conversation to the Community Voice.

I use to work there, not only was the food reheated over and over, all the baked potato's were sent back by customer's because they where hard and cold!! I think they may be under new management now

Note from GoWilkes: a portion of this review was removed for libel and personal attacks.

Baked potato cold. Wouldn't melt the butter. Tasted like it had been reheated. Steak cold with grease sitting on it. Waitress said "No way! I had to wait for him to get it out of the pan." I asked her to touch the steak herself to see if it was cold , she refused. Customer service has got to be bad when waitress calls a customer a liar. I hadn't ate my food and wasn't trying to get out of paying. Never again!

The prices are way to high

love mama zoes food is delicious u dont like it move on we dont care to hear about it

The baked potatoes must have been cooked the day before and reheated. Shrimp mediocre and greasy. Very disappointed.

Great food and service. Liked the price too!

The food was delicious both times I've been there!

The food is wonderful! This is the only authentic seafood restaurant I have found around here. If you like Mayflower, you don't really know good seafood. Rather than bashing about something you didn't like, you should let the manager know the problem. They can't fix it if they don't know about it.

This place is the worst restaurant that has ever been in Wilkes County as long as I've been living here and that's forever! Each time I have gone there I have tried to eat different stuff from the menu but there is just not anything worth eating or paying for! The service sucks not to mention none of the servers look that great to be working in a place like that! Let me tell you one thing that when and if Red Lobster and Olive Garden gets here they might as well kiss the place good-bye, because its not going to last! Not to mention they seem to treat their employees very unfair!!

Anyone who likes the food at Mama Zoe's is lacking taste buds! I would rather eat at the Long John Silver's which is right across the street! Don't waste your money on high priced seafood that is not fresh but frozen when you can get the same thing for $5 across the street! I heard this place was closing, I hope so! Food is not worth eating and service SUX! I'm afraid that I may get food poisoning as my food was so under cooked! all though the hush pups were rock hard!!

Ate there many times from lunch to dinner. Service was good and food was great. People who don't like it probably like the old mayflower which blew chunks. For this area it is a welcome addition to a few other places where you can get a decent meal each time you go.

Loved it, great food, prices okay, fantastic service, will be back.

Love it, great food, good service !

I really can't believe anyone would give a bad review, this place has been great each time I've gone.
The food and service both outstanding. Also the place was packed which anyone knows this means they've got it RIGHT!

One thing Mama Zoe's did tell me was that my taste buds are still working because I know bad food when I taste it, and this place has plenty of it.

This place is horrible! Just like Mayflower except for much more expensive, and I don't know why, I had the Broiled Scallops, and they were very under cooked and gross! Also, the Baked Sweet potato was so hard and cold I could have probably gave someone a concussion with it, lol! waste of money! never going back! not to mention the service SUCKED! everytime I go in there I get **** and she is unfriendly and a horrible server! For God Sakes, give the hush puppies away for free you bunch of cheapo's! good luck surviving Wilkes County Zoe's! Oh and for the bar, if you go to the bar and you are a woman, plan on being treated badly ****! Terrible!

Was good the first time, but sucked the last two times I have gone there. Where to start? Service was terrible!! Waitress was very unfriendly and didn't know the menu. I ordered Pot Roast and wanted mashed potatoes but didn't see it on the menu so I reluctantly ordered fries. I got my plate with and lo and behold it came with mashed potatoes. Would have thought my waitress would have known I didn't want fries in addition to mashed, and end up paying 2 bucks for fries on an already overpriced menu. The food was fair, but way overpriced. Lots of bickering in the background from the staff who seemed to be at war or something. Needless to say I'm never going back. The atmosphere was rushed and chaotic and left a lot to be desired for a restaurant in this price range. I'll spend my money elsewhere.

The hush puppies were reheated so much so they could have been used as a weapon in war, as bad as that was the owner was standing there and allowed that food to go out of the kitchen that way,,,,,,,, never going back.

Overpriced and my food was really greasy. Big portions but everything tasted like grease and I got the crab sandwich it wasn't that good.

Love it! I have eaten there about five times and each time has been wonderful. The amount of food is so good that you have enough for two meals. My last visit I tried the baked spaghetti and stuffed mushrooms. Both were delicious!

Really like the atmosphere.....but prices are too high for mediocre food. The amount of food you get is more than enough. Wish they would cut back on proportions and pricing. Other than that, I like the place.

oysters overcooked, sides too salty, scallops and broiled flounder undercooked, disappointed.

Went back last night. In my last review I stated I would talk to manager and explain past experiences. I did not. I got the same excellent food and this time excellent service. Looking around, it appeared the service had improved across the board. Hope they keep it up...

food not that great, the kids meal was just as high as the adult, my daughter said that her food wasn't that good. the rating was only a 90. I don't think I will go back...

love this place

ive eaten there 3 times great food service and affordable prices definately get ur moneys worth! dont care what annyone says mama zoes is the best.

Keep going there every time I am home. Great food at very reasonable prices. Glad to have a place to eat besides coffee houses.

ate there with family got sick went to dr found out i had food poision

I won't be goin back. Scallops were cold and service was not good. It took over an hour to get our food, they were very busy though. My wife loves it, I think she's crazy!

service was good, but the food was not.

Ate there 3 times. Food excellent. Service terrible. On last visit waitress walked by my empty beer glass to ask people behind us if they wanted water. IF I go back, I will definitely inform manager that poor service will result in an unpaid check.

great food and service

It is my favorite place to eat in Wilkes County. We need a fresh new place with good food. I am thankful to have them here. Every thing I have tried has been great and abundant!

Excellent service and the food was great. A bit pricey but the portions are large.

Found a nice long black hair in the shrimp basket. Will not be returning

Wow, I can't believe I ate at the same place as these other guys! Went there yesterday for lunch for the first time and I thought it was awesome! I had a Monteray Chicken and my daughter had Jumbo Shrimp and they were both delicious. It was a little high, but for the amount of food we recieved and the taste it was worth it!

I've only eaten there once and will not be going back. My son and I both were sick before we even made it home. We both had the shrimp.

Went there last night. Nothing special or amazing for $40. So much grease in the food, it made me & my husband nauseated. It was our first and last time going.

I like Mama Zoe's, and plan to return as many times as I can.

My family and i have eaten there,personnally i won't be back,the food was good,but,it wasn't nothing to brag about,it's not worth what you pay for,i'll keep going to yadkin valley seafood,great food!!!!

we eat at mamazoes sea food shack tonight for first time a the service sucks eggs and so dose the food I cook in sams clubs and wal-mart store and do food tasting at other rest. in the county this service suck eggs


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